Fire Room Part 1

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This was a while back. Actually, more than a year now…jeez I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I documented this project as I worked on it, just taking photos and storing them in a spreadsheet with the day’s date in the left column. I had hoped at some point I’d use the images to do a write up, and today I decided to begin that effort.

If you followed along through my multi-part introduction (#whoisalbuslucimus), do you remember Talking about continuous area improvement in The Rucker? What I am about to unfold is a tale of exactly that concept in action. There were days where all I could spare was 15 minutes, but on those days, I did do 15 minutes worth of work. Every step towards improvement is a step towards completion, and every 15 minutes wasted is gone. Anyway, let’s get started.

27 August - 06 September 2020

Something told me to make a fire room. An underground space with ventilation where I could make ceremonial fires and play the flute, without arousing the curiosity of my neighbors at 3 am.

I picked this spot behind my shed. I deliberated a ton about leaving that tree where it was; I knew digging a tree out would be a lot of work. But in the end, I knew the vision was of a room too large to accommodate leaving the tree, so I cut it down and dug a perimeter.


Next time I had a free moment, I dug out the inside of the perimeter to a depth of roughly 1 ft. The tree trunk and roots were going to have to be a high priority if this was going to be a reality.


It looks easy in pictures! Looks like that tree stump just flipped over and gave up! I assure you, this was not the case. I used a pick axe and shovel to clear the trunk, but the roots would have to come out a little at a time.


Realizing my roof would create a visible hump if I laid my struts directly on the ground, I dug recesses on either side to support the roof temporarily.

This was all fairly covert. I didn’t really want to draw attention and have government officials showing up asking for permits I couldn’t afford; I just wanted an underground fire pit and flute playing area - is that so much to ask!?

Anyway so the plan was that I would dig out deep enough to leave an air gap once the roof was placed. Then I would make a full depth tunnel up through the floor of the shed and hollow out the room from within, adding supports when I got to my target depth. It was risky, but I’m all about that shit.

Looking at it at this stage, I still somehow knew I would reach my goal, I just had to keep digging.

Stick with me as I unravel the story of the fire room. To this day it has not been completed, but I made some pretty good progress before giving it a rest, and I’m just awaiting my next opportunity to take it further. Anyway, I made it further than this I just have to write it up in smaller bursts or I won’t do it at all.

See you next time!