My todays drawing "Ant Mineres" for Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

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Hello everyone, I hope all are fine. Past time I drawing card of "Ant Mineres" for Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. I want to do this photo best. I wish you are like this.

Step 1: At first I always line the art of the drawing as much as possible for me to easy. Here I had used Pencil to line the art .I prefer everyone to use of your s own choice.


Step 2: I always used color pencils to color my drawing . Because I feel easy to do it. And it's also a passion of your own.


Step 3: I had used here blue to it's body also. And I do step by step colors.


Step 4: I do most of color on this picture. I choice many main colors for this drawing.


So everybody If you like my art. I trying hard to do best of me. I hope everyone choice my art. Please follow me.
Social media challenge link click here.
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Thanks All


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice drawing!

Greetings, @karuna21!

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