Javelin Thrower: Battle Strategy and Considerations

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Javelin Thrower: Battle Strategy

Hello friends,
the protagonist of this post is the Javelin Thrower card, a card that I have used so much in the Bronze and Silver alloys and that can be very useful in certain circumstances.

To analyze the Javelin Thrower card I will consider its statistics, the cost in relation to the various levels and its correct use in battle.


Javelin Thrower is a card from the Reward collection, is a rare card and is a card of the Earth element.

  • Has an average mana cost (5)
  • Has 2 attack points (Ranged Attack)
  • Has 4 life and has no armor points.
  • Has an above average speed (4)
  • Has an ability: Piercing


Thanks to the Piercing ability, when attacking, Javelin Thrower can subtract both the armor points and the life points of the opposing card if the armor points of the attacked card are less than his attack.

Cost, Levels and Evaluations

It's a fairly cheap card.

Its cost is 0.068 $


In the following image you can see the most interesting levels to which you can bring Javelin Thrower:


  • Level 4: Increases his speed points (4 -> 5), increases his life points (4 -> 5) and increases its attack points (2 -> 3)
  • Level 5: Acquires a second ability: Dodge.


This ability increases the probability of avoiding a melee attack or a ranged attack.

  • Level 7: Increases its speed points (5 -> 6) and increases its attack points (3 -> 4)

When I use Javelin Thrower

The fighting rules are very important.

If you want to win a battle on Splinterlands you must always pay close attention to the rules of combat.

Below are some combat rules that I consider conducive to using Javelin Thrower.

Fighting rules favorable to Javelin Thrower

Back to Basics


According to this combat rule, all card abilities are canceled.
All cards with melee attack can only be deployed in first position and therefore generally only one will be deployed in first position.
When the battle rule is Back to Basics the cards with distance attack and the cards with magic attack become very important because in fact you have fewer valid cards to choose from.

Odd Ones Out


When the battle rule is Odd Ones Out the number of cards deployable in battle decreases and Javelin Thrower becomes an even more valid and possible choice.



Since Javelin Thrower has no armor points, this combat rule allows Nectar Queen to become a more attractive.

Close Range


When the battle rule is Close Range all distance attack cards lose their biggest disadvantage: they cannot attack from the first position.
This too is therefore a rule of battle favorable to Javelin Thrower who can be deployed in a more advanced position.

Now let's see how Javelin Thrower behaves on the battlefield and let's deepen the discussion on its use.

A battle of mine with Javelin Thrower

1 copy.jpg

If you want to see the battle you can do it from this link: https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=undefined&ref=libertycrypto27

In the battle of this post I had the following conditions to respect:


Magic attack cards cannot be used.
Cards that have the healing ability lose their valuable ability.
In this circumstance all ranged attack cards like Javelin Thrower become very useful.

Initial Statistics

In general, I always choose a balanced battle for the Share your Battle contest.

In fact, if you look at the statistics in the following table, the battle was fairly balanced at the start.


My opponent and I have the same attack points (14) and the same life points (27).
I have a small advantage because I have 6 armor points that my opponent doesn't have.


In reality the balance of forces in battle is only apparent and my advantage is greater because my opponent makes 2 mistakes:

  • does not position cards well
  • does not pay attention to the rules of battle.


My opponent puts Cornealus (Level 2) in first position.
Cornealus is an excellent card but in this case it is strongly penalized by the fighting rules:

  • Loses his healing ability.
  • Positioned in first position, it also loses its attack.

Here is an example of how not paying proper attention to the rules of battle means losing the battle.

My battle formation

As you well know, the maximum number of deployable cards is 7 (1 summoner + 6 monsters).

I chose to deploy (in order of position):

Goblin Mech - Manticore - Goblin Thief - Screeching Vulture - Javelin Thrower - Furious Chicken

Daria Dragonscale (Summoner)

First position


I put Goblin Mech (Level 6) in first position.

  • Has a high mana cost (10).
  • Has 5 attack points (Meele Attack)
  • Has 7 life points and 6 armor points.
  • Has an average speed (3)
  • Has two skills: Piercing and Stun


Thanks to the Piercing ability (just like Javelin Thrower), when Goblin Mech attacks he can subtract both the armor points and the life points of the opposing card if the armor points of the attacked card are less than his attack.


It is an excellent ability and allows you to block the attack of the opponent's card for one round.
Note, however, that the Stun ability doesn't happen every round of the battle, there is a chance that it will materialize but it doesn't always happen.
His ideal position is the first position except for particular battle rules.
It is an excellent card when there are many mana available and it is a very useful card in the first game levels.
My Goblin Mech is level six and, in my opinion, it is the level that has a better cost / benefit ratio.

Second position


In second position I put Manticore (Level 4)

A card that I often use in second position.

  • Has a really low mana cost (4)
  • He has 8 life points which are many for a card that costs only 4 mana.
  • Has an average speed (3)
  • When he reaches level 4 he acquires a total of three skills: Fly, Reach and Thorns


Thanks to the Flying ability, Manticore is more likely to avoid melee and ranged attacks.


Thanks to the ability Reach Manticore can attack from the second position instead of only the first.


Thanks to this ability, every time he suffers a melee attack he can attack the card from which he suffered the attack and subtract two life points.

Manticore is a card that should not be missing in any collection.

Third position


In third position I put Goblin Thief (Gold - Level 3).

Has a low mana cost and has a good attack (2)
It has an average speed (3).
It has 4 life points.
Has the Sneak ability:


Thanks to this ability, attack the monster in last position instead of the monster in first position.
Excellent to deploy if our opponent has very strong cards with attack from a distance.

Fourth position


In fifth position I deployed Screeching Vulture (Level 6).

Level 6 Screeching Vulture has two abilities.
The Opportunity ability allows it to direct attacks towards the weaker opponent's card.
Thanks to the Scavenger ability, it increases its life by one unit each time a card (both opponent and friend) is eliminated.

Fifth position


In fifth position I deployed Javelin Thrower (Level 4).

She is the protagonist of the Splinterlands weekly contest and of this post.
My opponent's summoner reduces their speed but in general Javelin Thrower has 5 speed points.
Its high speed and consequent high probability of avoiding attacks make it an excellent card to deploy in the last positions.
It doesn't have much life and that's why I always try to put Furious Chicken in a position next to Javelin Thrower.

Sixth position


In Sixth position I deployed Furious Chicken (Level 3).

Since it has a zero mana cost, it is an always useful card that I deploy very often.
I often place it in the last position.
In the battle of this post it allows to avoid Javelin Thrower the first attack by Skeleton Asassin.



The summoner I chose is Daria Dragonscale - Level 4.

It is now the summoner I use most because it is the only summoner that allows me to summon level 7 community cards, level 5 rare cards, level 4 epic cards and level 3 legendary cards.

I wrote an in-depth post on Daria Dragonscale: https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@libertycrypto27/daria-dragonscale-vs-malric-inferno-considerations

Thanks to his ability all my melee attack cards get one more attack point.
Although Daria Dragonscale's ability is later canceled by Demoralize ability of Octopider.

Noname copia.jpg


Javelin Thrower is a good card. I upgraded it to level 4 just for the "Share your Battle" contest.
It's one of the cards I always used with Lyanna Natura in my first two months after joining Splinterlands.

Javelin Thrower has a high speed and above all has a good attack already from level 1. For this reason it is a card that can be very useful in the minor leagues.

It is also a fairly cheap card and I recommend the purchase in particular to those who have just joined Splinterlands and play in the Bronze and Silver leagues.

Why did I win the battle?

I won the battle because I deployed cards according to the rules of the battle: Healed Out and Lost Magic.

The rules of battle are important and must always be considered with the utmost attention.

I really like to participate in this contest and if you are registered in Splinterlands you must absolutely participate too.

Haven't you registered on Splinterlands yet?


If you are not yet registered on Splinterlands and have decided to register, you can do it from this link:


obviously if you like to use my refferal link ...

Splinterlands is a beautiful game but it is above all an excellent investment (my personal opinion).

If you liked my post leave a comment, an upvote or do a resteem.

See you on the Splinterlands battlefields.

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