August 1 Garden Journal Challenge - CLOSED, NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE

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Helllllllloooo my garden gnomes, pixies and fairies! It's time to get out your mushroom ink and bamboo quills and scribe the best #gardenjournal post you've ever done! It's August and I just know you are either thinking about seeds or eyeing off fat tomatoes for harvest. Soon you'll be canning and pickling, stewing and frying and wondering why you planted soooo many zucchinis this year - again! If you've written a post in the last 24 hours under the #gardenjournal tag feel free to submit that by dropping the link below.

My project copy 2-1.png

Don't forget to:

  • write in English only (translator is fine, but it's much cleaner for me to read just one language instead of scrolling through dual language - I find it messy)
  • Use the #gardenjournal as your first tag
  • Post in community
  • Reblog this post if you don't mind.

I also want to congratulate @proto26 for winning the 10 Question Challenge - you got nine right! Thanks also to @anttn and @hindavi for joining in! I also have an awful confession to make - forgot to send winnings from the last challenge so I'm off to do that now - oops! Do remind me if I forget...

The answers were....

What two gardeners have black Labradors? @traisto, @fotostef & @edprivat (would have accepted others)
Which gardener has had to deal with a typhoon and seawater flooding her garden this year? @luckylaica
Which gardener is 100 percent plant based and what crazy shaped vegetable did they grow last year? @plantstoplanks
Which gardener is the king of hydroponics here on Hive? @isdarmady
Which gardener has a train track to help with transporting crops and things around their garden? @amberyooper
Which gardener shared their grandmother's pickle recipe this week? @stephen-patrick
Which gardener has had encounters recently with garden gnomes? @proto26
Which gardener has been tidying up her garden ready for taking her daughter to Europe? @artemislives
Which gardener often has problems with cats sleeping on her cactus? @nikv
Name a gardener who lives in Norway? @hindavi

Shamelessly, as always, tagging gardeners - I hate missing my favourite challenges here and I'm sure you do too!

@plantstoplanks @sofs-su @nikv @owasco @buckaroobaby @farm-mom @thebigsweed @polesinns @andrastia @holisticmom @queenoftheworld @porters @amygoodrich @fanyokami @samstonehill @phoenixwren @anafae @tanjakolader @yolithy24 @andrastia @minismallholding @goldenoakfarm @nateonsteemit @sanjeevm @kennyroy @simplymike @dodovietnam @babeltrips @trangbaby @kaelci @shanibeer @proto26 @ifarmgirl @foxfireorchards @artemislives @luckylaica @blingit @traisto @skylinebuds @fotostef @tydynrain @hindavi

VEGETABLE GARDEN PRIZE - 10 HIVE, to be distributed amongst the best posts depending on entries.

PASSION GARDEN PRIZE - 5 HIVE, to be awarded to the most passionate gardener of the week.

Selfie Prize Go in the draw to win 2 HIVE for the best garden selfie!

Tagging below some past entrants - if you'd like to be alerted every month let me know in the comments and I'll add your name next month.

@plantstoplanks @sofs-su @nikv @owasco @buckaroobaby @farm-mom @thebigsweed @polesinns @andrastia @holisticmom @queenoftheworld @porters @amygoodrich @fanyokami @phoenixwren @anafae @tanjakolader @yolithy24 @andrastia @minismallholding @goldenoakfarm @nateonsteemit @sanjeevm @kennyroy @simplymike @dodovietnam @babeltrips @trangbaby @kaelci @shanibeer @proto26 @ifarmgirl @foxfireorchards @artemislives @edprivat @meesterboom @momogrow @attn @luckylaica @blingit @traisto @skylinebuds @fotostef @tydynrain @hindavi @vibeof100monkeys @samstonehill @anttn



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A loving hug from Venezuela, starting the month I intend to participate in these contests and learn from everyone.

Haha, I think you'll become notorious for your brainteaser challenges, that last one was too much for me!
Thanks for last month's prize, I didn't even notice that it was delayed :)

Hahah I can't wait to do the next one! You'll have to pay more attention so you are ready!
Oh drat! I cut and pasted the wrong set of # and it says homesteading. Sigh.... I've edited it and added gardenjournal. Hope that works...

Don't worry, gotcha.

@riverflows I can't seem to be able to message you on discord. It's been a long time since I used it.

Do you know what your user number is?



Sorry just saw this. Sent you a friend request


I saw it and wrote a long reply LOL

Hello everyone,

Here's my entry for this monthly garden challenge 😉. Best regards🧡💛💚


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I'm back for another month of fun! And in the spirit of your fun little extra challenges, I added a small prize opportunity in my post for anyone who reads all the way through... ;)

Thanks for providing the answers - it was truly a challenge.

I thought it was super easy, but I guess I read every post for the challenge wrap up! It's harder if you only have time for a few. Hopefully the next one will be okay!

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Yay! Congrats @proto26 for the win!

And it would be awesome to see garden updates from everyone again. All the best everyone!

Challenge accepted! Having a quiet day today after several days playing the tourist, so looking fwd to getting my Hive on during the intense afternoon heat. Reblogged.

I'll keep an eye on this community.
I like gardening and am growing raspberries, plums and some herbs in my small backyard apart from the other plants and trees.
I'm on the list to rent a piece of garden in a large greenhouse so I can even grow more vegetables and fruits.
I'll make an introduction post when I get back from my holiday.

Fantastic, will look forward to it!

Hi, I can't include this as it's dual language. It's too hard for me to read and there are so many entries I just don't have time to include those that don't follow the guidelines. Better luck next time @wesp05

Its okay, excellent day.

Hello my friend @riverflows, here's what I have for the August #gardenjournal challenge.


Best of luck to all!! Happy gardening!

hooray!!! lol

I really need to get some posts done... its been a tricky 2 weeks. We have had a very sick chicken... that has needed nursing... lol... but getting so close to spring here. Very exciting

can't wait to see all the posts

Wao I want to be a part of this wonderful initiative @riverflows am a famer and a lover of garden

Hello, @riverflows here is my post for the August garden journal. greetings ❤️😊

Please post a Peakd link ta

I knew something was itching me... been wanting to write a garden update for y'all. Been crazy busy though!

So here's my post if anyone is interested: Another week, another tale from my garden!!!

I shall be darned! How do I keep missing these challenges all the time😅
Funny because your vision of ridiculous amounts of zucchini as well as the seeds part are spot on😂


Well, if you knwo it's the start of the month, it's always time for a challenge! Hope you don't miss the next one!