Garden Journal Early April

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I had to schedule this post as by the time the Garden Journal challenge is out on the 1st, I'll be in Tasmania! @minismallholding is hosting it this month so if you missed it, head over to her blog and see the details, where you can win HIVE as usual for posting about your gardens!

I thought I'd theme this around a gift box I got together for my son and his girlfriend, all from the garden. I love it when I can do this!

As I write this I'm kinda in a bit of a panic - I have so much to do before leaving for a month. Jamie's told me to stop stewing apples, but the harvest HAS to be dealt with, and how can I throw it out? The limes and lemons have been made into this years supply of lime pickle - I never have enough, but I do have a lot of lemons and limes so it's just a matter of processing!


I had a loooottt of silver beet, so I made some palak paneer to freeze, some for Jamie as he's on his own for a week before flying out to meet me, some for the esky so I have something to eat when I get out there, and some for my son and his girl who were popping over to collect some eggs. The panneer or tofu gets added when I cook it - it really is my favourite meal. I've been planting some kale and broccoli so it shoots up whilst I am away - I make palak curry from those leaves too. Anything green, really! Can you see the curry leaves below too? And the jalapeno? That's all coming out of my greenhouse as well. The watering system anad mulching is helping things come along nicely. Funnily enough I have tomato seedlings everywhere in there from the compost I put down, but it's too late in the year for tomatoes. They don't think so, though, in the warmth of the greenhouse!


Next is the mushroom harvest. They've been dried and pickled and fried with honey garlic and butter. I've turned off the humidifier now and the substrate is going on the garden beds - I'll start another batch when I get back.


Apples, my goodness. I am so sick of stewing apples. Mind you, when I eat them with honey custard, I pat myself on the back. Sooooo good!


What else...?

  • All the tomatoes are now pulled up and in the pile for burning. I made a green tomato chutney and some fried green tomatoes, plus this other preserved green tomato I'm not overly sure about.
  • Horseradish harvested, in a new batch of fire cider
  • Garlic planted
  • Leek, brassicas, kale all sown
  • Broad beans sown
  • Two beds sown with green manure
  • Hops harvested and packaged for beer brewer mates
  • All fruit picked and preserved, quinces to go to Honest and Free stand as I have no time to make membrillo
  • Cut down elder, nectarine and a few gum trees to ease crowding and stop bloody starlings nesting in the elder
  • Lots of pruning and trimming for Autumn
  • Turned over two compost bays, started another

It's definitely hard work preparing to go on holidays - part of me is gutted to leave the garden but part of me needs a break from everything!

I will try to get to your comments and comment on your #gardenjournal posts, I promise - excuse me if it's a few days late, it all depends where I am. In some areas there's no reception or I'm hiking or something that prevents me being on HIVE. Stupidly, I bet myself to a 365 posts in a year marathon, which relies on post scheduling and/or a lot of hours on HIVE either in a day, or to catch up on comments and all the amazing stuff you guys do!

Happy gardening, all of you - much green thumbed love atcha!

With Love,


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My God, I have the impression that everything that is possible grows in your garden. Very impressive! :)

I can understand your workload only partially, my grandma had a similar canning period from May and ended in August, every year. Sometimes it was busy days for the whole family, especially when she was making jam.

Everyone had their own task in this pipeline. My sister and I sorted through the berries, mom cooked it all, grandpa twisted the cans, and grandma was the captain.

I absolutely love it that your whole family got involved! That's the way it should be.. and such a lovely memory that bonds you all! ❤️

Lol! You're early, April doesn't start until tomorrow, the day after for most of the world! The challenge is on its way, though.

Loving your pics coming in from Tassie and that cute selfie of you all bundled up against the chill. It's been cooler here in Adelaide as well.

I've just been skinning and freezing tomatoes, sadly not from my own harvests, but they were a gift from @ligayagardener, so just as nice.

You know when you sing 30 days hath September, April, June.. and fuck it I got distracted and hit some buttons and this is what happened??

There you go.

I will never skin a tomato. Life is too short 😂😂 But home processed tomatoes are next level so whatever you choose, it's all worth it!!

Well you prompted me to get the ball rolling a little earlier than expected, so we're off! 😆

Fussy family don't like tomato skins in their food, so it's easier to just blanch them and remove them first, rather than picking them out when cooking.

Oh poor you!!

I think, that is very tasty😋

Wow, you sound like you have a lot on your hands with your garden! I would love to try your palak paneer one day! How do you find the free time to do all of that?

Luckily I'm not working full time, plus Im just the kind of person who can get a lot done when I roll up my sleeves! It's all worth it .

I am a full-time stay-at-home Dad. I take care of a 19-month-old and a 10-year-old so it is hard to find the time. I am going to try to get my kids outside with me this summer and have them try to help me build a small garden. It is definitely all worth it. I love gardening.

I think it's so important for the kids to get their hands in the soil.. apart from making them healthier due to the relationship between soil and gut health, you give them a skill for life that can help them in times of need.

Exactly! I think it is good for them as well. I try to get them to play in the dirt and help me with my plants as much as possible.

It's definitely hard work preparing to go on holidays - part of me is gutted to leave the garden but part of me needs a break from everything!

In our case, its opposite, I will come up with a to do list a day before and then she will tell better we cancel and stay at home :)

😂 Your wife is boss!

A lot easier for those who didn't grow it to say forget about it, lol. What you have is very impressive, how the heck do you even find the time to leave? That is also very impressive! :)

Man it was INTENSE. I definitely made the friend I met here thank me for spending time, amongst all the rest, drying the hops for her. Honestly I was so stressed!

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Wow! I can only imagine the work you made to make all these possible, you are doing a job well done. Have a nice trip and enjoy your break from everything, see you soon!

Thanks so much! I will try to read and vote #gardenjournal posts where I can!

You're welcome (^_^)

You grow HOPS? What doesn't grow in your garden @riverflows. Those apples have me a little green.......
We also have tomatoes coming up all over the place

Such abundance, makes me smile to see the fruits of your garden. It's a dream to install a watering system one day. It's extremely practical and convenient. The thought of palak paneer makes my mouth water and it's already past 11 pm where we are.