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Thanks to everyone who joined in the Art Comment challenge! As I'm still in Tasmania, it's much easier for me to keep up with a comment challenge instead of trying to write a curation on my phone, but we're enjoying them so much we might even keep them going? What do you think?

This week's theme is FAVOURITE!

What is your favourite plant to grow? To harvest? To eat? To look at?

It could be a favourite because it's a challenge to grow, or beautiful, or attached to memories of childhood. Whatever the reason, you can write your post as a comment (we'd love a photo too!) or as a post, dropping the link below. No link, no entry!

The winner will be announced next week in the Garden Journal Newsletter by @minismallholding!

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As I'm still in Tasmania and it's super hard to curate a newsletter on the road, this is the second comment edition for April! I'm beginning to really enjoy these! Thanks to all of those who joined in on the Garden Art comment challenge last fortnight. @minismallholding will announce the winner in next week's Garden Journal and I'll be back with the challenge for May 1st! I really love this community and am grateful to all you lovely Hive gardeners, old and new, who get involved. You are what makes this community so awesome!

This week's comment challenge is both super easy and super hard, because it asks you to narrow it down to your FAVOURITE plant to grow!

It could be a vegetable you like to harvest and eat, a flower that makes you smile, or perhaps something that's a challenge and a reward.

You can choose to write a post and drop the link below (no link, no entry) or a comment. Photos appreciated although not necessary for this challenge.

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That's not fair! Only ONE?
Coriander? Because .... well it's just amazing. Deliciously so.
Although if you were to ask my family they would probably say wormwood. I dish it out willy nilly much to everyone's disgust. Human and animal alike. My husband came down with tickbite fever the day after we married. I lovingly fed him wormwood. A decade down the line he still backs away nervously when I turn in the direction of my wormwood bushes....

🤣 I've heard it doesn't taste good. I feel like I get a sceptical look every time I give my hubby something and tell him to drink it.

Oh you have my sympathy....and your hubby will definitely have my hubby's!!!

Ahaha for the wormwood! Such a usual plant. I LOVE coriander on EVERYTHING and let it self seed willy nilly.

Oh my @buckaroobaby your poor hubby and terrible timing. I didn't know that you can get rid of tickbite fever with wormwood. I've been really lucky and never had it even though when working in the environmental sector I got bitten by millions of them (ok fine that's hyperbole. Thousands is more like it).

He clearly has attached the wormwood to the entire experience of the illness. I feel like that with ginger. My mom used to make me drink warm ginger water when I had a tummy upset. It totally spoiled ginger for me. Now I can't even smell ginger flavour med lemon and I want to puke.

Coriander is a great choice. The fact that they self seed and will continue self propagating for years is just so rewarding.

Ginger sadly has been spoiled for many people because of similar well meaning remedies. My husband also turns green when I take out the ginger. Which is a problem because, mixed with other spices it makes an amazing chai tea or stew. You can try lemon and peppermint for a tummy bug. They have such a wonderfully fresh taste and smell, which ginger does not!

Coriander is amazing !


Fennel!!! has to be my favourite.

Our relationship began last year, when I planted a plethora of seeds and it was the only one that did not deliver only seven shot and grew. For the love of plants, i decided to tend and look after the seven for my kitchen.

Little did I know, my garden was going to become a fennel bush. With every seed that fell from these plants at the time of fruiting, shooting and growth happened and I gladly spread the seed in my garden and now is literally a bush of fennel.


Fantastic! I ate a lot of fennel tops in salad this season too. I love itroast, sauteed, raw... Yum!!


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My favorite plant to grow are beans, which is odd because I don't much like them in food. I will eat them; they are just not my favorite! I love their diversity even within Phaseolus vulgaris (the common bean) but also thoughout the entire family of Fabaceae. I plant bush beans in the winter in containers as experiments and let the pole varieties grow outside (most of the time). They are somewhat drought tolerant, to! I think I like them so much because they have the power to restore your soil but they are also visually pleasing as well with their trifoliate leaves and charming blooms.


Sometimes they do present a challenge to cultivate. The seed can rot in the soil or can be raided by a small army of springtails. And if it does manage to sprout, a slater could stop by and gnaw at the stem like a minuscule beaver and then... timber!
Harvesting is exciting because then we get to shell them. The shells happily go in the compost of course! Opening up each pod is a surprise in itself! What will we get? A cool pattern? A crossed hybrid? A random mutant? I will never forget the time I filled the garden with pinto beans and harvested something almost completely different. I have many varieties of beans in my collection. So many I don't know which to plant every year!

Wow that's awesome!! I have decided I will ONLY plant yellow beans! They are the softest yummiest ones to steam and add to salad or eat warm.

because they have the power to restore your soil

Yes! That's why I love growing broad or fava beans. Plus I pinch the young tops out for salad which are super yummy

I didn't know you could eat those as salad greens! I have to try! My spinach salad has been getting kind of boring.

Lovely , beans are part of the 15 plants super fast and easy to grow !

I didn't know that! I need to look up the rest.

As of the moment, my favourite plant to grow, harvest, and eat is Tomato. Tomatoes are my favourite because they are super easy to germinate and grow, I also love the smell whenever I come near them.

Good choice! Is there a particular variety of tomato that is your favorite or you love all tomatoes? My favorites are these yellow grape tomatoes I discovered in my compost bin and Sun Gold.

My favorites are these yellow grape tomatoes I discovered in my compost bin

Yeah!! I always lose the labels anyway so always write 'big fat tomatoes' on seed packets or 'pear shaped yellow which grew by artichokes 2021' or something 😂

I love all tomatoes (^_^)

Hahaha! I will admit there are some that I don't particularly like very much. There was one variety I grew that resembled a small, fuzzy, yellow peach and I thought that was so cool! The flavor was not that great though...

Amish Paste is my favorite tomato. I always have good luck with them, they're bigger than Roma paste tomatoes, and they're good for sauce or for canning.

Oh! Amish paste! I remember growing that variety in the gardens at work! The sun golds I'm growing are from my old job as well

You and my daughter would be good friends. Tomato and peas are her favourites, she loves tomatoes but is rather impatient when it comes to waiting for them to ripen fully. She is getting better though. I am not a huge fan of raw tomatoes but I also love the smell of the plants 😃

A raw tomato is very delicious and nutritious, I love peas too!

I adore the cherry tomatoes , my favorite and so easy and fast to grow

My favorite is the MINT that we grow in a corner of our garden. Mint is a useful herb that has been used for spice and healing purposes for centuries. It is enough to plant it once and it is very nice to watch it grow again and again from the same place every year. We consume it fresh in the summer. For the winter, we can dry it and store it as a spice.

Ooh, what's your favourite mint recipe?

love to eat it as a salad. I mix it with mint, tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, pomegranate syrup and salt. It is a wonderful salad that is enjoyable to consume in the summer season. I also love to consume the dried form by brewing it with lemon during the winter months 😊

Oh wow that sounds amazing, will have to try it!!

Mint is such a great plant and I love the fact that there are so many types to choose from. I used to love growing mint too, but if they aren't in pots they can take over lol. I love peppermint.

My favorite one too !
I made a post , sorry i havent seen yours before

Hello. I just read your article. I read with pleasure. I had never read the mythological story of mint before. Thanks a lot for the information.😊

My pleasure , i always love the intriguing mythology

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I suppose that if I had to pick one plant as my favorite to grow, it would be potatoes. Preferably early red potatoes, although the Adirondack Blue is also really interesting. I've been growing the early red potatoes and Yukon Gold potatoes longer than any other type.


Oh awesome, yes, they're so rewarding aren't they?

this is a coin toss for sure.... there are 3... Chili, corriander and maybe ginger. I'll knock the ginger out as i have least experience... but i think... i might have to go with chili. Ive grown it the most. banks of chili running through gardens with massive harvests that i share at the hospital.

as many our ICU nurses are Indian i few home grown chili never go amiss

i like sharing my bounty. i had kilos over the years.



rich soil and lots of food. they need good food. If the leaves are not bright green they need more food. The chili plants should be dripping in fruit or you are not feeding them enough. They need water regular.. but if you let them dry out a bit between feeding i hear the chili is hotter.


can;t say if that is true or not... :-)

anyway CHILI this is my fav plant to grow!

Oh man I LOVE chilli! And your advice is bang on. I was rubbish at growing them til I upped the water and food and voila... Dripping with chilli!

Yep they are hungry little buggers. love compost and love fertilizer and love worm soil. :-)

love chili :-)

What you mean by food ?

You would see the price of those in France , its ridiculous .
I ll grow mine !
Thank you so much 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

by food i mean fertilizer and rich compost.

In Australia i use this liquid fertilizer to supplement my worm castings. Its liquid fertilizer (food) that is meant for tomatoes and veges.

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Such a lovely challenge. My favourite herb would be Pineapple Sage because the smell is just to die for and the flowers are beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have any photos because I'm only good at killing it and haven't been particularly successful at propagating it even though I used to sell many other herbs. They seem to like lush semi tropical type gardens which I most certainly have not had. Maybe I need to give it another try.

2014 phone pics 483.jpg

What do you do with it, or it just the smell you like? I should get some.. I used to grow it once! It sure smells great!! 🍍🍍🍍

Hello River

Are you having a good time out there in Tassie? It looks like it from the glimpses I've seen in your posts.

The flowers are edible so you can add them to salads as edible decorations and you can make tea out of the leaves. It has anti anxiety properties although I've not used it for that before. Perhaps someone else here has and can give us their views/experiences?

I just absolutely adore the smell and would happily grow the plant just to have that scent and the pretty flowers around.


Hello, and greetings 🙏to all hive gardners here is my entry for the garden journal challenge.Hello, hive garden community and garden lovers Greetings🙏 the first time here is my post about my favorite plant which I try to grow every summer. we have a very short summer here in Norway each year is different. Last year we tried growing some buffalo tomatoes and some winter squash, and sweet peas. it was very nicely gone through. we harvested a lot of vegetables and berries Red currant, and raspberries which we planted many years ago. This year also I am trying the same tomatoes squash and sweet peas. The seeds are in the bathroom window where we get south side sun and light plus our bathrooms are warmer than the rest of the house.
growing in the window.



now I had separated these and put them in the paper boxes which come in packages and some of the pea plants are already outdoors. They are growing very slowly, struggling with cold-weather 7-8 degrees C.


Hello @riverflows !! I always have a hard time when it comes to choosing something.

If I has to day which is my favourite plant to grow, I'd go for chillies. They are kinda easy to grow and you can't imagine how much taste it gives to the food. Here in Venezuela we have "sweet chilli" which is just the same as regular spicy chillies but without the spicy haha. Furthermore, when grown is good soil they thrive wonderfully and you'll never be without it.


This picture is from last year's crop, I has like 6 plants in that space and they gave me lots of chillies!! It was really cool. I haven't been able to sow like again because I lack of time but soon I'll be doing it again!!

Of course choosing sweet chillies doesn't mean I'd not choose other plants!! I love to grow flowers and succulents!! Once I wasn't aware of the power of the flowering plants, but they are awesome allies in vegetable gardens AND they illuminate and color the place! Seeing the bugs and butterflies around the garden is just an spectacle worth of having in your garden or yard!

Here I had some cosmos, zinnias and marigolds! I think It was the time that I liked the most how my garden looked.

And succulents.... OMG I just love them!! I love to see them grow, I love how their tiny leaves peep out, how they look when a new plant is being born from another leave, it's just amazing!! how different they are from each other yet they are beautiful!

Here are most of mine!!

That's all can say, so as not to extend myself too much. This kind of activities are really cool!! Thanks for opening a space to participate in a different way than usual!

You and my brother both @fanyokami! I remember him eat mouthfuls of chilli before he could even walk! Now @craigcryptoking grows every variety of chilli imaginable even if he neglects all other veggies in the garden! I wouldn't be surprised to see a chilli floating on his dessert.....

OOPS! I think you meant to reply to @fanyokami. I can't eat chilis much....

Oops indeed! Thanks for the correction @goldenoakfarm! I'm a little relieved to see that you don't have that chilli obsession!

That's cool!! I have only got to grow like 4 kinds of sweet chillie here and just 1 variety was successful, but well, this soil is not the best!!! I hope your brother don't get lost in was of his chillies plantations!! haha

Thank you , it was fun to make in English and Spanish 🌱
I have other plants i love but Mint is in my list of favorite because it is very wide range uses .

So here is my entry , have fun where you are 💚