Hive Garden Journal Newsletter: Comment Edition [Win HIVE!]

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As this post goes to Hive press, I'm likely - and hopefully - lost in the Tasmanian wilderness somewhere. That doesn't mean I don't have reception intermittently and can't read your amazing comments to this Comment Edition of the Garden Journal Newsletter! As I alternate with @minismallholding, she'll announce the comment winner in next week's newsletter.


This week's edition has the theme of 'Garden Art'.

  • What art do you have in your garden? Eg sculptures, murals, mosaics, pottery, and other creative things?
  • Is there one that has special significance to you?

If you don't have any art in your garden OR a garden to speak of, you could write a post or comment on someone else's garden art - perhaps it's your favourite sculpture in a botanical garden or your mother's collection of garden gnomes!

Perhaps you'd even like to write a philosophical comment on how nature is art in and of itself, and there's no need to decorate a garden in any other way!


You can write either as a comment below, or write your own post and drop the link below - no link, no entry! Preference will be given to those who include photographs - original of course!

Don't forget to engage with others and use the tag #gardenjournal in your gardening posts!

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This is very cool, we need to participate)

Oh please do!

I love the idea of garden art and love gardens with it, but my place is such a mess it would be rather akin to mutton dressed as lamb if I put any in. 😅

Ahaha one woman's art is another woman's mutton😜😂

Maybe you could dress your quail as lambs 🤣🤣


Mmmmm - beautiful challenge, @riverflows ! If I can find the time and space, I'll share around Nikki De Saint Phalle's tarot garden in Italy - one of my favourite gardens-with-art-in ever! Though it's more art than garden... :-D


Oh wow these are really something! My girlfriend does mosaic sculptural art.. they take some doing! Thanks for sharing LOVE them!

Wow, that decoration for a garden is cute. Love it.

Your garden will look very nice when everything grows.

Yes, I sure hope so! After the last 3 years of being under construction with the house, I am declaring this year the year of the gardens!

I want to share this ginger with you. Some time ago I planted some gingers in pots that grew shoots, but I couldn't grow them because they withered and died.
Searching among the pots in the kitchen I found these gingers that we bought a couple of months ago because we had the flu.
I am amazed to see how their shoots have grown without having light or water and being in the dark inside the pot.
I think they will grow better in the kitchen pot than in the ground with a pot.

That's awesome.. such a valuable plant. Perhaps you could enter the Root challenge over at Herbal Hive?

I'll have to look at that challenge myself. There's not much better than a good root, after all 😋

Did you just say that? 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈



My garden is my art and combines aesthetics with engineering through the medium of living plants. I have beautiful, ever changing solar collectors that pump water and cool the air to make an area of highly productive. seasonal beauty that, to some, suggests a tropical rainforest.

The garden changes over time and calls in a large number of feathered, living musical instruments in who's raucous soundings can be heard a complexity of timing and range of notes that rivals any human orchestra.

The space I've created through my art becomes more fecund, more joyous, the longer I spend contemplating it.

Oh gosh touche... Yes indeed. I just accent mine with mosaics and shells and rocks, but it's nature doing all the work . What a tapestry!

The grandest!


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My daughter selected some gravel rocks and has adopted them. She gave them names and created stories for each of them. Each stone has its own personality and back story. The other kids in the neighborhood have their own pet rocks too. They'd bring their rocks over and they'd together create a make-believe story.

It makes me smile when I see these from our front porch. That's pretty much the garden art that we have at home.

Kids can be so creative and sweet!

Hi @ligayagardener, totally agree, they continue to inspire me. 😊


I am going to be painting a new bar top for the bar in the back garden, sealing it with sealer and installing it. By painting i mean ART painting not just changing the colour lol. But ART in the garden is the next thing i want after we have actually rebuilt it. I'm not sure what i want yet. A fountain, probably, a mirror, also probably, painted bar - that is a yes... and maybe some over big painted vases?? i can paint.. so that is where i will go

I'd love to bring art into my vegetable garden, i think that would be AWESOME :-)

just writing my APRIL update as i write this with the vegetable garden build update... ugg... its a big one again.

love to you all.... grow lots.



thank you for the delegator reward! I just noticed. I appreciate you all!