Time To Share Your Gardens in March! CLOSED

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As I write a warm easterly wind blows over my garden. The tomatoes are still ripening though I'm fighting blackbirds and bushrats and starlings for them. It won't be long before I'll be thinking about brassicas.

It's certainly getting to the time where even gardens under snow are thinking about planting the first tomatoes, or perhaps you're winding down your garden, or planting new things.

Whatever is going on, there's a lot of us Hive Gardeners looking forward to connecting for the first ten days of the month for the #gardenjournal challenge, so pop down your spades and your seeds, wash your hands, make a cuppa and let us know what's going on.

If nothing is happening in your garden or you're struggling, here's some ideas:

  • Draw/write a plan for your fantasy garden and explain what you'd like to create
  • Experiment for the first time with a gardening project eg growing bucket mushrooms
  • Share an instructional post from last year's gardening adventures
  • Share your friend or family's garden and interview them about it.

The prizes are set up a little differently too. @plantstoplanks generously donated 50 HIVE, 40 HIVE which are remaining over next four challenges. The prizes will work as follows:

VEGETABLE GARDEN PRIZE - 10 HIVE, to be distributed amongst the best posts depending on entries.

OTHER GARDEN PRIZE - 10 HIVE, to be distrubted amongst the best posts, depending on the entries. If you have a better name for this prize, do let me know!

Selfie Prize Go in the draw to win 5 HIVE for the best garden selfie!


  • Post in the Hive Garden Community, but #gardenjournal tags should be used
  • No limit on photos but please consider quality over quantity
  • Tag two others you think might like to join in - if you can! We have had some lovely new gardeners encouraged to join in this way. 💚
  • Comment on at least three others

Tagging below some past entrants - if you'd like to be alerted every month let me know in the comments and I'll add your name next month.

@plantstoplanks @sofs-su @nikv @owasco @buckaroobaby @polesinns @andrastia @holisticmom @queenoftheworld @porters @amygoodrich @fanyokami @phoenixwren @anafae @tanjakolader @yolithy24 @andrastia @minismallholding @goldenoakfarm @nateonsteemit @sanjeevm @kennyroy @simplymike @dodovietnam @babeltrips @trangbaby @kaelci @shanibeer @proto26 @quochuy @foxfireorchards @artemislives @luckylaica @blingit

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Me in the cover image , did I become a model, lol :)

😂 A very handsome gardener right there!

Yay for gardenjournaling! Aww River you're such a sweetie to have included us even though we only have a tiny little garden patch, we're going to make the absolute most out of it and I look forward to seeing everyone's growth this month 😄

Oh yay! Do it! Do it!! You always have such a colourful view to share.

I was thinking about this yesterday as my Jasmine has come into bloom and filled the house with wonderful scent.

I always feel a bit anxious about the "tag two other people" condition. I tag anyone who might be interested, but I don't want to spam them 😁.

That condition makes me anxious too as I don't really know any gardeners that aren't aware of our community and challenge. Or they ignore my tag and I also feel spammy hehe

Maybe @riverflows, we could change things slightly so that the tagging isn't a condition but an extra wish at the end of the conditions, say:
"please feel free to tag anyone who might be interested in taking part"
What do you think?

Have you ever known me to exclude someone for such a little thing? You two just tag each other 😂😂😂 Check the edit!

Thank you, that's gorgeous 😍

Just tag @proto26 😂 Don't worry I wouldn't exclude you if you can't do it x It's just nice to spread the word xx

oh tag me... lol... i always forget to submit stuff... so remind me remind me... lol :-)

Haha - if I remember myself 😂

I loved the image. 😍
It's so beautiful to watch our plants grow. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Isn't it great? He always takes such great selfies!


I am excited about the entries. Good luck to all would-be participants.

This is a good contest. Can you please, explain a bit about the deadline and what are the limitations for writing?

No limits... Just don't plagiarise. Deadline usually ten days .. I will put CLOSED in title when I'm no longer accepting entries x

I'm BAAACK! After a winter hibernation from all things garden.


Still struggling in the unbearable heat although the theory is summer is drawing to an end. We're tackling winter preparation and clean up with the sweat dripping PLUS letting the kids have their own gardening experience with Microgreens. So TWO posts this month



A great day to everyone,

Here's my entry 🙂.



Oh wow! 😍

Thank you 🥰

An entry from Goldenoakfarm, left on the newsletter by accident and she forgot the tag:


Aw, I'll forgive her!

It's the time of the month once again and glad to have seen this :) Just did something new a few days ago and would be great to share :)

Awesomeness 😎

Thank you and here's what's happening in my little garden :)


I made it! No selfies just yet, but I promise plenty of squash ones if they are as prolific as previous years. ;)


Gonna join this round, when is the limit time?

Just got my March Garden Journal update post done to join in the challenge at: https://peakd.com/hive-120078/@porters/march-update-hive-community-garden-journal-challenge I mistakenly posted it to the wrong community (old template to Natural Medicine community) so I cross posted it to the HiveGarden community.

Thanks @porters, I included it anyway!

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Here's my entry - late and I feel like I've been blown in on the wind 😂. Hope all our gardeners are well and happy and enjoying the garden season they are in.

I tag @blingit (you will be even later than me) and @proto26. Also my gardening friends @ericburgoyne, @neumannsalva, @phoenixwren, @bearmol and @missaj.

It's currently 5*F and snowy here so I haven't started my garden yet. :) But I do have some seeds that I am hoping to start indoors this month...

Me, too. The only thing I have started is the potatoes and they're taking their time 😂.

I can't plant them out until the end of April, so I guess it is for the best.

I was also very late but it happens have a great week

I have not started anything yet This year we are having a late winter and late spring so we are about a month away before we start anything.

Unfortunately I'm getting to know of this contest now. Would love to join subsequent once . Please add @rheda so I can get notified next round..

Done. You can still add #gardenjournal posts to community anytime ❤️

Thanks a lot for the link!