👧 Awesome New Drawings By Me 🖼️ Mermaids, Ninjas, Students, Fairies, & More!

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I drew some new pictures and I want to share them with you all. I drew a student, a girl with a mask, a mermaid, a fairy student, and a ninja girl.

🔄 Another Update On My Drawings 🖼️


This is a drawing of a girl who is a student. I miss going to school so I drew this. I drew her shirt and her skirt similar to the last school I went to in Cambodia. That school is Sovanna Phumi and it is in Kampot. She has a bow on her head and she is holding a bag.


I drew a mermaid and my sister drew that cute little creature. I let my sister design her tail. It looks good too and I really like the stripes on the mermaid's tail.


After I drew a student I want to draw another one. I drew a fairy flying to her school. She uses her magic to carry her bag and her lunch box. I drew a flower on her head and a bow. I don't know if it is good or not.


This is another drawing of a masked hero. She looks a bit like a ninja but a better ninja.😅 I drew a sword for her and a nice mask so she can't get Corona. I'm just kidding. She wears a mask so people won't know her true identity. I hope you like my first ninja drawing.

Monkey B



Wow kidsisters your drawings are so pretty! Thank you for sharign keep going.

Thank you so much @littlem. Have a good day.

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Your iPad is still in the shop getting repaired, but hopefully pretty soon you'll be back to making digital art as well. Until then your pencil drawing skills are always getting better.

I know dad. Yep, and my Styles Pen is still working but I haven't use it for a long time. I miss drawing monsters for Splinterlands art contest. Have a good day.

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The mermaid is my favorite. Well done. I hope you can go to school again soon!

My sister also likes the mermaid because it's her idea for me to draw.

Oh wow those are so cute. I especially love the team work of the mermaid with your sister's contribution. It's just so cute! I love them all but I also especially love the fairy.

Well done!

Thank you so much @carolynstahl. You are so sweet. I also like the fairy. Have a good day.

Your drawing are always lovely and cute @kidsisters have a great day 👍

Thank you so much for your sweet words @kohsamui99. Have a good day to you too.

Your welcome @kidsisters have a nice day also 😊

The pictures you and your sister drew are beautiful .I prefer mermaid and student .Covid-19 is expected to be cured in your country as soon as possible and you will be able to return to school soon.
Have a good day.

My sister also like the mermaid. In Suriname schools are open but they only study two or three days a week. Have a good day to you too.

I like the ninja the best - girl power!!!! Great drawings!

Yes, Girl Power. Thank you so much.

very goot art

Thank you.

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