🤤 How I Make My Noodles 🍜

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I want to share you about how I make noodles. It is very simple but it took about 10 or 8 minutes to make it. I hope you like it and you can share it with little kids like my sister.


I love eating noodles and I like to eat noodles with vegetables like the one you see above. It is very good for our health and it is very tasty with noodles too. First I clean the vegetables and then I cute them into pieces.


Next, you boil the water. When I was little and I don't know how to boil water yet but I know how to cook. Every time I see little bubbles I think it is done but it is not. I was very crazy and back then I always wonder why is the water is not so hot.

Then you put your vegetables in and waited for a while. While I was putting the vegetable in my sister and her friend kept asking if it is ready. Then I told them that when it is ready you could eat it, and they kept staring at me.


When the vegetable is cooked I gave some to my sister and her friend. It is too much for me. Then I added some soy chucks, if we don't have it I will put some tofu, and if there is no tofu I skip the protein part.


After it is done I putted the noodles, the seasoning, and the oil. Then wait for 2 or 3 minutes and it is ready to serve. If I can choose any flavors of noodles I like then it would be sour and spicy flavor. I like to eat spicy and sour food and snacks too. While I was eating the noodles that I just made, the girls kept making me laugh. They are very funny and weird too. I like to be around funny people and a lot of my friend said I'm funny but I don't think so.



Monkey B

I love noodles too!. Now I'm hungry for these!!!😋

Thank you so much for your kind words @carolynstahl but I want to eat your food more then mine.

Yummy! Nice noodles for a busy day!

Yes, very true. Have a great day.

That looks like a yummy meal! What a big help you are to your family, cooking a meal for yourself, your sister, and her friend! Way to go! Thanks for sharing your technique, too! 😊

You are welcome, I can't do anything without my mom and my dad. Have a nice day.

Yes, the noodles you cook look very tasty, complete with tofu and vegetables, of course full of nutrition and protein. I also really like eating noodles, wow..my stomach feels hungry because of it 😅

Thank you for sharing with us my little friend 👍

Thank you so much. I usually put tofu but since I have soy chucks and we don't have much tofu left, so I just use soy chucks instead. Have a nice day.

You are becoming a very good cook :) Do you bake bread too?

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I don't know how to bake bread but I would love to know how.

I'll look for some easy methods. Do you have an oven?