A Beautiful Transformation: From Empty Mask Box and Adhesive Wallpaper Lining to A Useful Organizer

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Polish_20210914_161458128.jpgHello everyone! Have you noticed that a lot of mask boxes are being thrown away due to high demand of mask supply? Well, I have something good for this.


I planned to make an Organizer out of this empty box which is about to land to the trash can! It's been a repeated act one after the other.:(


Doing the usual process, I only needed the used paper lining, and the double-edged tape. By the way, you can use your glue and used notebook papers for this. I used the tape because it's more neat and easy to use and it so happens that I had lots of adhesive wallpaper linings when we redecorated my granddaughter's wall in her bedroom and that was a lot! Well, this one is only half of one piece which means that I have something bigger in mind on my next project.:)

I covered the base with this tape first for durability.


I started weaving at the center of the base going upwards. It's similar way of making a basket wherein you start from the bottom.

Take note that the width and size of the strips should be consistent for uniformity.

Once the base is done, it's time to do the vertical weaving around the box.

Weave and twine

• Make 4 strips in equal length and sizes.
• Divide by two in alternate position.
• As shown on the above photo, fold the first line over the other.
• On the other side, fold the strip backwards and over the next.


The strips now looked like a strap. I used the tape and pasted the straps at the center.


Then sideways. You can see that the box has come up by to something nice and beautiful! Since there's still a remaining vacant tape below, I added a thin strip and rolled it to fill the gap. It turned out nicer to look.


See that, it looked authentic!


Applying a plastic varnish over the finished product will enhance the beauty of the box. It will also prevent the paper from rotting easily.


I let it dry under the sun for few minutes.


Now I have my little organizer where I can put my notes beside my table with mobiles and specs and my remote control.:) You know guys, I have 4 specs so when I forgot the other, I can still find one at the other corner. Sometimes I can find one beside my garden tools. Lol!

This is all for now, I hope you find my project useful.

Thank you for dropping by my page. God bless us all!



Nice ang galing! Pareho pa tayo ng remote mhie haha.

Ganon ba, inuumaga yan pati .lol!

Hey, I noticed your ASEAN Hive Banner is a little wonky, not sure what happened, but here is a new one for you. I've been making lots of banners today, so I thought I'd share the markdown code with you this time. This will be easier because you only have to copy and use the markdown code below the banner. It already has a hyperlink to your blog, ready to go.

Wow! Thank you!

beautiful, you are very creative. It needs a special skill

Thanks. It's easy dear. Try it!

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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how to be you po, Mommy?

Wow! This is incredible, you are so talented with crafts. I have seen boxes like this for sale in shops at very high prices.

Really? That's a plus for me! Thanks. I still have a roll of linings available with something bigger in mind. Guess what?:)

Hmmmm...... I like surprises.

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Thank you so much!

Super ganda! Original idea, nagamit pa ang mga boxes. Hang galing mo talaga sa recycling Sis.

Walang pambili bago sis haha joke.:( Nagagandahan ako pag sariling gawa ko Kasi.

This is beautiful! Good idea for an organizer.

Thanks dear. Recycling is lots of fun added with your creative mind.:)


Salamuch sister!

woah sobrang ganda ate! grabe! it looked pretty !

Yes day. Try it. Exciting pag natapos mo na.

after varnishing, the result looks very different. It looks good to make use of an old box :)

Indeed. Maybe I will make a flower basket for my next project 😉