🌽 Sweet Corn Porridge 🥣 An Ital Khmer Dessert 🥄 Ital/Vegan Recipe

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This weekend my husband went to the city because Srey-Yuu's iPad was broken. He also got some sweet corn and other vegetables from the city. I wanted to make corn pancakes, but my two daughters wanted to eat corn porridge.

So I made corn porridge with tapioca for my family, and I want to share with you all too. This recipe is easy to make and you can eat it very fast. The ingredients are easy to find in ASEAN countries, but not easy to find here in Suriname. I live here almost three years already, and I just eat fresh corn maybe four to five times, so it’s special for us.


We ate and viewed the sunset, oh this was a beautiful day.

👩‍🍳 Sweet Corn Porridge / Dessert Recipe 🔪



  • 2 fresh ears of corn
  • 1/2 cup tapioca pearls
  • 1 1/2 cups coconut milk
  • 1/2 + 1/4 cup brown sugar or taste
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 cups of water

Soak tapioca in the water five minutes and remove them.



Peel corn and slice them thin.


Next boil water. When water is boiling, add sweet corn and salt, and boil it a few minutes or until cooked.


Then add brown sugar and coconut milk, stir a little bit. Then add tapioca, stir it and boil one or two minutes. After taste it, it’s ready.

I am sorry I forgot to take photos while cooking, and after we ate it all I remembered I did not yet take a picture, hehe.


My two daughters enjoyed eating this dessert. Our family really misses our life in Cambodia. We ate white corn and sweet corn anytime we wanted to eat it. We miss everything in Cambodia.


Have a great day everybody. I hope you are all well everywhere you are. Stay safe 😊❤️.


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You are welcome.

This is one my favorite desserts, hope you make it again soon chef.

Yes, I will do it if we have corn.

Love corn and corn dishes this one looks very interesting i must try this one 👍

Thank you for your internet and comment ☺️

Thanks for your support.

It looks incredible what you have made. Your daughters must have been very happy 🤗👩🏻‍🍳

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My daughters happy a lot with desserts. Thank you dear for your kind words and support!

I love to learn about Cambodian cooking and things eaten in different cultures. I have a dozen corn in my fridge and don't have time to do anything special with them but I would love to try this. I love corn and I love tapioca so it must be delicious.

Have a great day my friend!

Yes, me too, love eaten in different cultures and love corn, tapioca. I always cook tapioca with other things. Thank you my friend.

Iuni is delicious.
I really like food like this, when my parents make it, I always make 2 plates Lol.

Oh really, I can eat a plate but my two daughters, they can eat a lot hahaha. Thank you 😊

Yeah, because I like porridge like this, it's amazing.
I will wait for other good food in your post.

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Your sweet corn porridge looks delicious.I have never eaten corn cooked in coconut milk.When I buy corn at the market, i will cook like you. Thank you for sharing me.

I am glad you like it and I hope you get some corn soon. Thank you for your comment.

I'll give this a try, I think I'll like the texture of this porridge.

Yes, I think you will love it too. Thank you.

We do tapioca (sabudana) porridge (Khir) a little differently - soaked and then cooked in cow milk. Even raw tapioca is eaten after soaking overnight in festivals when people do not eat any rice or cooked foods.

Oh, I have never know that. We eat it after cooked all the time. Thank you for telling me 🙏🏻😊.

I've never tried to make this with sweetcorn, We usually make it with tapioca pearls and wheat noodles or even jackfruit.

We have some dessert made with jackfruits too. Thank you for your feedback 😊