Car and transporter: The building begins

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For the last few months I've had a Lego Technic set sitting in the corner looking at me rather sadly...Or was it me looking at it sadly? I can't really say for certain. I've been saving it to be honest, to build when I was in the mood so I could enjoy it more, that moment came last night.

Faith stayed at her mum's house as her mum had a fairly intensive cancer scan yesterday and Faith wanted to be there in case there were side effects...So I was home alone...And I heard that Lego set whispering my name in the same way donuts do! G-dog....Geeee-dogggg...Yeah, a little creepy, but it had the intended effect...I decided to break it open and start building.

The is the Car Transporter set #42098 and comprises 2493 individual pieces that all come together to make a rather impressive looking set up...It's pretty big too at 87cm long (34 inches) and comes with some pretty cool features.

The trailer car decks and rear ramp raise and lower to load the vehicle and the vehicle can be locked in place once on board. The trucks' cabin tilts forward giving access to the V6 engine which also features moving pistons and the rear trailer is articulated.

The blue vehicle has working steering and a V8 engine, also with working pistons. Above is the box it comes in showing what the set will look like once completed.

Here I've laid out stage one of the build in the little containers I use to separate the little plastic bags of parts. You can see the pretty thick instruction manual in front of shot too.

This image shows the three stages of the build. The vehicle, the truck and the rear trailer is stage three.

Here's the very beginning of the build. Lego Technic introduces engineering to the builder and can be quite technical at times. Here you can see a differential and the beginnings of the drive train. The parts are reasonably small and must be placed correctly; Locate them in the wrong spot and much later in the build you'll find things won't fit. Back-tracking is frustrating, but sometimes part of the process.

Here you can see the front section of the drive-train coming together. That grey assembly to the left with the yellow stick is the cam shaft which drives the pistons up and down as the car moves along.

Here you see a little more progress. To the left you can see the very first part I built, the differential section. In the middle there's some drive shafts and to the left is the engine. You can see the yellow pistons which are driven by that cam shaft I mentioned above. You can also see the front wheel assembly which will eventually connect to the steering system allowing the wheels to turn left and right.

If you refer to the first two images up the top you'll see close up's of the engine and pistons. The browns shafts below them are what the cam shaft pushes upwards to work the firing order. The top image actually shows a piston on each side of the engine raised as part of that firing order.

There's a long way to go on this build, probably a total of twenty hours all up so it'll take me a little while as I won't be able to work on it every day. It has been a bit of fun so far and some of the parts are one's I haven't used before so it's fun to learn some new bits and get it all together.

I'll do some update posts as I go and when it's all complete I'll do a final post showing off the set. I'm looking forward to that but there's a lot of building in between now and then. It's felt good to be building Technic again though and I'm looking forward to completing it.

I hope you'll take a look and see how it's progressing in future posts and feel free to ask any questions or simply make comments down there. 👇

Oh, before I go, make sure you join the Lego Community and use it to post anything Lego related. It would also be cool if you showed some support for the few people who actually post in there and share some pretty cool Lego stories and builds...Supporting your fellow hivers may see some reciprocal action you know.

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Haha, that's cute! I haven't played with legos since I was a kid! I have an idea for you...When I was at work not that long ago, I met a dude and his wife did lego photography, she would build these things and then bring them outside and make it look like a work site or whatever was appropriate for the set and made some little lego photography scenes with little lego dudes and dudettes working and stuff, I thought of you instantly when I saw her pics. I can totally see you doing something like that. (I tried to get her to post on hive and she might)

Good luck on your construction, hopefully it doesn't become too frustrating with all the tiny pieces, seems like quite the project to build. I used to get my stepson a lot of the star wars sets and they looked a bit complicated!

I've done a few things like that in the past, but most of my builds are big, really big and so the little Lego people are well out of proportion. I've got a few plans in the pipeline and Indo some freestyle building too and will set up a few scenes and photograph them. The effort behind that brings a different dimension to the Lego fun and I get a kick out of it.

I'm a big kid really. 🙂


I should start looking for legos!! I suppose if your dudes aren't up to scale it would just look funny! Can't wait to see your creations. Should find some viking lego dudes with horn helmets and do an EMA scene. Nothing wrong with being a big kid, do whatever makes your heart sing...that's what it's all about!

I'd be more than happy to have you as my Lego-dude intermediary...My Lego-dude broker as such. You could find them, buy them and ship them to me...Works for me! Lol.

Viking and EMA Lego dudes would be legit!

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Yep. He even crashed one while on set of a photo shoot.!image_bgChange1600252987921.jpg

Bahahaha...This is super! LMFAO. Where is the lego popo to investigate?

@galenkp is the Lego Police. He moonlights at it.

Really he has a great sense of humour to put up with my goofy ass antics. And way more patience than I have to put those monster projects together.

Maybe that is how he got his mild tourette syndrome..?

Here He is aboard one of the Empire Strikes Back battle cruiser ships.

Gee Man Lego Star Wars.jpg

Omgz man. Those technic builds look truly terrifying to me. In a right good way!! What it must be like when you have to go back to fix a bit! I thought it was bad on the Harry Potter bus when the little lady had bodged the front grill and lights and I had to take them all off and redo it but this is another level of insanity!!

Can't wait to see it progress!

It's pretty good fun mostly and not something I like doing when I'm not in the mood to concentrate. I've had to back track a couple of times with other builds and it's not that much fun. This was mostly because so put a piece in the wrong hope and subsequent bits wouldn't fit.

This one will look good when complete I think, pretty big...Only problem is I don't have anywhere to put it!


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Once you have the truck you are going to need to build a lot of cars to fill it - you don't want it transporting nothing.

Well, it comes with the blue one...But as if that's going to satisfy load requirements right? The transporter fits the ZR-1 Corvette too...So yeah...You know what that means.

That looks like it will be pretty cool when done. And if the numbers in the book are page numbers like I expect, that instruction manual is close to and probably over 400 pages. What a monster it is.

Yep, cool set, and yes a lot of pages in the instruction book. That's part of the fun of Lego though...The build and the finished product.

My wife was showing me some cool Lego sets the other day. I might have to get one sometime.

They're a lot of fun. There's some really cool construction ones...Mining equipment. I think I'll get some of that next.

She showed me one of a Stormtrooper helmet that opened and had stuff inside it. And after looking at a couple now Amazon is sending me info about them. Might have to take that as a hint. :)


Amazon: Think again nutbag!

Never has Lego failed to make me smile, either playing with it myself, or seeing others enjoy them. I feel like that box has been sitting there for quite a while, since a chat had a long, long time ago. I don't suppose you had more than a few cobwebs to brush through, did you?

The set itself looks pretty exciting, though. Not just a transporter lorry, but a car, too! Being a Lego Technic kit, I expect nothing less of absolute orgasm when it comes down to putting things together, and seeing how they all love about. That differential... 🥰

Yeah, this set has been sitting in my office at home for a few months, since April I think, so about time to get it going. I was going to build a bit tonight actually, but aren't in the mood, not the best of days today to be honest. All good, just not feeling like doing much. Early night I reckon.

Ah, bless you. Hope you'll feel better tomorrow morning, with a cuppa of coffee in hand, and those Legos silently whispering in your ear... "Geeeee-dooog"

Lol, good gif.

Yeah, I'll be good...One needs to kill the G-dog if one wants to hold him down...Been tried. Didn't work.

I'm curious to know how that previous attempt to kill old G-Dog went, since I'd love to try and make improvements for any succeeding efforts in subverting Australians.

Well, I'd not want to be responsible for the demise of the country, or myself, so attempts in my life would need to stay classified for now; No point divulging weaknesses.

Although, I can say this...Once I went a whole week without eating a donut and coffee...Nearly killed me...But I can't say anymore on the matter. It's classified.

Goodness, that sounds awful. I think we should make that a human rights issue, as no human could ever live in peace without a donut and coffee every once in a while. A whole week is equal to torture...

This is what I looked like at the end of the week, but browner.

Good to see you have moved along nicely from the 10 pc jigsaw puzzles.



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Hey mate, I've seen it around but never really figured my Lego builds would be suitable. Can I still use the Lego community but tag it with one your tags? Also, if you wouldn't mind...What are the tags, those in the dot points above?

Lego Technics are definitely a STEM toy and I'd be happy to see them in my community.

You can just use the tag or post from our front end, either work. For this, I'd use the STEM tag, as it isn't quite technology or really engineering, but it does help kids develop an interest in STEM so it's 100% on topic in my book.

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All good, I just logged in to the front end and see I've posted there already, happy coincidences I think.

So, if I post it in the Lego community (my community) and tag STEM that's all good? (Sorry, I'm a bit novice really.)

All good.



Oh you're so good at technical stuff, I admire your lego skills

Sometimes I make the hamster running on my brain hamster wheel work overtime. Occasionally I get good results, mostly I'm still a dumbass.

Hahaha I get what you're saying

This is looking pretty damn awesome. Must have taken forever! The only way this could really be better is if it was a Transformer. Oh man. I'd pay good money to see that carrier turn into Ultra Magnus.

It's been fun so far, a nice build. I'm looking forward to getting it completed but then a new problem presents itself...Where do I put it? I'm running out of room! I liked Transformers as a kid although they came along as I was growing out of that sort of thing...My younger brother (not Taraz) was into them and I played a long too. Transformer Lego Technic would be cool!