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It's been almost a month, but finally I found time to do some Lego building - It's been long time coming. I've been building a fairly big set of over 2,500 pieces and it's taken me a while to complete due to there being other things in life to attend to.

It's a truck, trailer and race car combination and yesterday I began the final build-phase being the trailer section. You can see the truck and car completion post here if you're interested. It also shows each stage of the build including the race car and some perspective on how it will all come together.

This post is all about the trailer build which took me about nine hours over yesterday and today so read on.

Here's how it all started...A work space, the components and a chair...You can see the very first parts assembled on the table and the other bits and pieces ready to go. The manual is also there, all 544 pages of it.

Here's a close up of that same component. For the trailer section this was the first assembly - The gear mechanism that operates the drop-down load ramps which you will see later on.

Lego is a simple matter of connecting bits together, but to make sure things work effectively sometimes there's tolerances to adhere to - Too tight or too loose and it won't work properly. That's problematic when one gets to the end of the build and finds out that hours and hours of work needs to be re-done. if you think Lego is difficult to put together you should try pulling it apart. Not so much fun. Here you can see the framework of the trailer taking shape. Note the right side image...That's the mechanism that lowers and raises the top load deck.

The lower load deck and part of the drop-down ramps are coming together here. One of the interesting things about Lego, a build like this, is that one doesn't always do things in order. A piece put in place right at the start might not get used again until right at the very end - That's why it pays to concentrate...Putting something in the wrong spot causes all sorts of frustrating moments, and I've made up some amazingly inventive swear words through mistakes made during inattentiveness.

The deck is almost finished and the load ramps are completed and operational - It worked thankfully.

I was into the home stretch at this point, but needed a bowl of ice cream to give me the sustenance to push through - By this stage Lego thumb was starting to raise it's ugly head. This terrible affliction attacks the thumb that does all the pushing and clicking in place and after lengthy build-sessions can severely disable the Lego-constructor. A bowl of ice cream usually helps.

After life-saving ice cream treatment I found the strength to rally and complete the task. Here you can see me ensuring that the systems work effectively. Top left shows the complete trailer, then clockwise is the partially lowered ramps, lowered ramps and top deck and then the top deck raised again.

Here you can see me pointing to one of the control knobs. That's the one that operates the load ramps and the one directly above my finger lowers and raises the top deck. You will note to the left of that one is another which operates the drop down ramps on the front of the trailer so that when hooked up to the truck section a car can be rolled from the trailer to the truck.

Here's the final picture with the completed trailer section to the left and my computer ready to write this very post. Yes, you may note a coffee and some biscuits...My Lego thumb issue was acting up; Coffee and cookies are another proven method of treating that medical condition of course...And I rarely hive without snacks y'all.

This Lego build is almost one metre in length; It's big. The plan is to put it all together at some location and show y'all how it all looks and I'll put it in perspective somehow so you'll get a grip on how big it actually is.

I showed Faith just now and she thought it was cool, supportive of my little hobbies as always, but she said, "OK, so where are we going to put it?"

Yes, that's the question I guess...I have a lot of built Lego sets around the place...I'll have to think of something but I'll need some snacks to get my brain working first.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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Isn't this amazing, 544 pages for you to fix all the parts this truck right from the comfort of your home.
I have my brother here learning something similar right from young age though his made of boxes. I thoughts its just for fun but after seeing your truck car, I believe there is alot to learn even while playing.
Who wouldn't love science


It's good that your brother is starting to learn about construction and engineering through blocks. It is also a good way to promote imagination. Nice work.


Thank you

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I found this so interesting. My son still has his collection of Lego from way back - 42 years ago. I'm so impressed that he still has it all - from S Africa to Thailand to Cyprus - the Lego has remained intact.

Ice-cream therapy - I must remember that for sometime in the future when he starts to build again. Probably have to wait for a grandchild.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you so very much - where do these tokens go / where do I find them and what do I do with them?

It's cool that the Lego travelled the world and I'm sure that any grandchildren will be pleased to play with it someday. Old-school Lego is much sought-after.

I started building Lego as a four or five year old and stopped probably around the age of 15 or so. I took it up again last year and at fifty I get a bread deal of enjoyment from it. 🙂 Of course, the sets I get now are complicated compared to the mis-matched second hand Lego my parents could afford when I was little.

So yes, I would suggest the ice cream method of treatment for most ailments: Lego thumb, Saturday afternoon boredom (or any day really), stubbed toe syndrome, Mondayphobia, late night TV watchingitis...It's a multi-purpose treatment to be honest.

Trust me, I'm a doctor. I have a PhD in ice creamology.


Haha - I really enjoyed your answer and made me laugh. Thank you Doctor - your advice is most sincerely needed in this crazy world we are living in. Ice cream it is. Do you like frozen yoghurt? I think I prefer it to ice-cream and wondered if the benefits were the same. Would value your medical opinion.

Recent studies show that frozen youghurt has the same healing properties as ice cream, and in fact, there are some who believe frozen yoghurt can cure such health issues as where's my car keys and even can't find my sun glasses however tests continue on one of the most debilitating diseases of all, boys-look in the pantry. The cure of which will make women around the world less frustrated at their husbands and sons who can't find stuff that is starting them right in the face.

#frozenyoghurt #ok #miraclecure

Ah thank you doctor - I just LOVE frozen yoghurt so will eat it now every time I lose my glasses (which is very often indeed)

@Galenkp, You probably have a very expensive toy. How much is it?
It's amazing that it takes 9 hours to assemble! Are you rich?

I can't recall how much this cost me to be honest, I'm sorry.

Am I rich you ask? This is a direct question to ask a person. So, let me answer it in this way:

I believe I am rich in personality, attitude and life-ethos. I am rich in kindness, humility and posess a generous and protective nature towards others. I have many skills that I believe make me rich in understanding and I am inquisitive, have an inquiring mind, which brings me a wealth of knowledge.

I think that's the best way to answer your question.

Am I rich you ask? This is a direct question to ask a person. So, let me answer it in this way:

I believe I am rich in personality, attitude and life-ethos. I am rich in kindness, humility and posess a generous and protective nature towards others. I have many skills that I believe make me rich in understanding and I am inquisitive, have an inquiring mind, which brings me a wealth of knowledge.

I think that's the best way to answer your question.

Dear @Galenkp, Like your handsome face, your tongue seems really handsome! 😉
In my opinion, you are definitely a businessman or a politician!

I commend that your brilliant rhetoric is art!

Thank you!

Business, not politics. 😏

Damn Lego thumb, it is always a problem on long builds - even more annoying when you are taking something apart again - and the pain of well, pain and nothing to show for it at the end.

I'll admit, I'm not a fan of taking Lego apart...Means I messed up! 🤣

I don't think I've ever had Lego thumb but I always pinched things together if they were small/light enough for me to hold up, and the clicking together was usually shared between all thumbs, fore and middle fingers XP

You haven't got a display cabinet for the Lego sets yet? :)

They're too big for display cabinets. I have a couple that are a metre long...Besides, I have no room for display cabinets in the house...So...Back to the old drawing board. I'll come up with something. It's funny, I get annoyed when Faith brings what I call dust collectors into the house and here's me with the ultimate dust collectors and she's tolerant. I'm lucky huh? 🤣

Just goes to show that MAYBE you should return the favour XP

Well, I talk a big game, but really I am well-controlled...33 years remember...It's unlikely she'd put up with me for that long if I didn't have exemplary manners, understanding, tolerance and was an awesome kisser...Lol. We make it work...And no, I don't ban dust collectors...Our house has many...I just draw the line at dusting them. Lol.

A likely story ;D

Guess she dusts her dust collectors and you dust yours XD

Lol...Yeah I do mine...Not...She does all. What can I say, I'm too busy building more dust collectors to dust the ones I have already built. 😆

Glad you had some Lego time and it looks good.

Thanks mate, it should look pretty cool when it's all connected together. 🙂

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