Dragging myself out of oddliness

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Something hasn't been right in my life for a couple of weeks; I've felt out of sorts, not myself...I've been feeling some oddliness. (This is now officially a word.)

I've thought long and hard about why I may be feeling this way and even made an appointment at the oddologist for a scan with the oddlithoscope as I just couldn't shake the oddsidious feeling of oddliness. It was right before my appointment when I had an epiphany though...An oddpiphany I guess you could also call it. I realised that the feeling of oddliness was due to the fact I hadn't built any Lego for a bloody long time.

I cancelled my appointment at the oddologist, it wasn't covered by Medicare anyway, and set about addressing the issue by building some Lego, this legit Lego Technic dragster.

I've had this set sitting at home for some time waiting to get built but I haven't really had the chance. The last four weeks have been pretty chaotic with my best mate of twenty two years, Merlin the cat, passing away, my dad also passing away and my wife having to go through test after test for cancer. We've had the pressure of dad's funeral, commitments with visiting family and then wrapping up my dad's affairs also...Loads of things really, and Lego has taken a backseat...But no longer.

I built the set this morning and decided to build the dragster you see rather than than the hot rod it could also be built into - I love these two-in-one sets! I'm making it up as the dragster, because I think it looks cooler than the other one, but I'm pretty sure I'll tear it down and make the hot rod later also. That's the awesome thing about the two-in-one sets! Choice and flexibility.

This is what the set looks like in the build phase. It's really cool that all those little bits come together into something tangible and structured. You can see the drive-unit in the top-right image which I talk about below.

This set is a pull-back set meaning it has a drive mechanism to propel it...Cool-factor: Ten out of ten. It actually does pretty cool wheelies! It's not a large model but is an interesting one for sure and I'll have some fun with it before I tear it down and make the hot rod.

I know some of you don't get into Lego, but for me it's a relaxing past time and I love the construction phase, the way it comes together and also, believe it or not, the getting it wrong part...That always leads to great satisfaction when the issues are rectified. It's all a process.

So there you have it...The way I dragged myself out of a state of oddliness. See what I did there? Dragged/dragster? Clever right?

I'm starting to feel a little more settled after the tumultuous few weeks we've had and whilst there's still ups and downs, there's always going to be, we are looking for a clear run to the end of the year. I'm sure Lego will keep me company when I have the need.

Oh, just on Lego...Some of you that follow me may not know about the Lego Community. It's basically...Well...Erm...It's a community about all things Lego...As you might have guessed. 😁

Clearly not many people out of the thousands on hive like Lego however if you're interested feel free to post Lego stuff in there, or visit the Community to see what those that do like Lego are all about. There's some cool little stories in there based around Lego...Some interesting stuff. Here's a link to the Community...Lego Community.

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Be well
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Hmmmmm. I mostly predate Lego. I'm guessing the first Lego blocks I saw belonged to one of my youngest siblings. But they were just the flat pack blocks. I mean, how many rectangular houses can you build?

That doesn't mean I don't think they are way cool. My nephews had some of the Star Trek sets and they were just out of this world (see?) I don't find it odd at all. Well maybe just a little, but odd is different and different is almost always cool.

In my dim and distant past (pre 1990) I spent two years on a racing team pulling wrenches on a dragster. It was grand fun, I think.

I love Lego...At 50 years old I think I like it better than when I was 12. I think maybe because, should I want to, I could afford any Lego set available...As a kid I was limited to second hand Lego as my parents couldn't afford new. That doesn't mean I get everything now though. I'm responsible. 🙂

Pretty cool that you used to wrench on a dragster. I'm a motorsport dude...Like a bit of drag racing.

I'd been at it a while. I got a ticket for racing on the day I got my driver's license. My old man wouldn't let me mail in the payment, I had to go stand in front of the judge and take my ass chewing. Didn't stop me...

I like watching the old-school stuff. Those lads certainly took their lives into their hands. I saw a great doco (documentary) on the in-front engines and how many used to blow up and burn the drivers up. Balls of steel. I go to the drags sometimes...I like Top Fuel the best. Beastly bloody things.

The fastest ever pass over the traditional 1/4 mile in Australia is 4.443 seconds by Damien Harris. I love watching those things run!

The car I worked on was an alcohol car, the first one over 200mph in a NHRA certified pass. We played with the 'big boy' stuff without the nitro.

The best show I ever saw was one day at Seattle. New track, perfect conditions and the Fuel guys set 8 consecutive world records in Saturday night qualifying. I was glued on the fence like a monkey in a banana tree. For the record, Kenny Bernstein ran last in that session and ended up with the record.

We set up our car just before the fuel guys. We set up for below sea level. The track was hot and the breeze blew in from the ocean. Jesus, it was just perfect. We had to take our environmental readings 3 times because the crew chief couldn't believe it. We changed the hat injector sitting in the ready box. Damn lucky it didn't leak we were in such a hurry...

So many people think it's a simplistic process...Big engine and hit the pedal...But so much goes into those 4 seconds and it's a really incredible engineering process. A team effort too.

NHRA limits motor size per weight, so everybody is scrambling for hundredths and thousandths of a second. A solid hundredth is the difference between winning and first round out.

The teamwork and training is incredible.

God, I had forgotten. In '89 we got a brand new 'Roots' blower from Australia (our bottom end guy was an Aussie). Brand new design (now standard) that was clearly superior. We were top qualifier at the WinterNationals (first race of the season) by a tenth of a second! A monstrous advantage.

We sucked the bottom out of the oil pan in the first pass Sunday and went out in the first round. But the NHRA made us remove the blower because Roots couldn't supply enough for everybody. You can bet your ass that EVERYBODY had one in 1990 :)

Dude you know as a nearing 50 year old I ain't gonna chat about Lego with a 50 year old here right?

Oddliness is the least I would expect for you considering the mire of s**t you have been wading through this year and especially the last few months have been pretty relentless to put it mildly. I could not say with certainty that I would not have been broken, at-least for a little while. The mental strain alone would be almost impossible to endure.

Endure it you have though ((somehow)) and even though there will be a few, hopefully small mental returns to past events, I would imagine the tunnel that was dark, make that black, has started to take on a different hue for you and your lovely lady.

we are looking for a clear run to the end of the year.

I would love to wish you all manner of fabulous and joyous events for the coming months and the coming year, but as you say, for now at-least, you would happily take boring, mundane even deliciously monotonous equilibrium. Funny how depending on where life finds us, we either detest such times or crave them isn't it?

Wishing you both exactly what you would most wish for yourselves. Take great care of you and Faith my friend :)

P.S I am joking about the Lego I think it is a perfect pastime and if it brings you a little peace and clarity, who gives a toss if your neighbours describe you as the eccentric, bearded nutjob who plays with Lego at 50?


who gives a toss if your neighbours describe you as the eccentric, bearded nutjob who plays with Lego at 50?

I think my neighbours are too frightened of me to call me anything but friendly neighbour. (Just joshin')

So yes the tunnel is getting lighter, that's the nature of time I guess; It helps. There are moments still of course, as you point out, but overall we are moving in the right direction.

I'll be honest with you though...2020 isn't going to end well for so many people and 2021 isn't going to be much better. I refer to the fallout of the flue pandemic situation. It is this aspect of life that largely dominates our thoughts at the moment; Future and contingency-planning is the focus I mean. I believe that if a person isn't doing this then they will place themselves squarely in the (you're fucked* area, rather than the might make it through area.

So, we plan ahead for what may come, and if it doesn't there's no harm done. (Yes, I know that rhymes.) I hope many others are also however I see a lot of situation normal activities around the place and...Well we know it's not normal...(Just google what's going on in Melbourne right now for a sneak peak.)

Aw man, I'm so sorry to hear about all the crap coming at you. So sorry to hear about your dad and your buddy! And your wife. Man, 2020 sucks. I hope all turns out well for your wife!

Lego is certainly a good escape. The dragster is way cool!

I know words from a stranger on the other side of the planet probably seem quite empty. We have lows in life to be able to truly appreciate the highs. It'll get better. Even Grouchy would agree with that, I'm sure.

Yep, it's been a kick in the balls for sure this year. But like you say highs and lows.

Old Grouchy is on vacation with Roxy. He built a caravan and 4x4. For himself. Due back soon...I'm sure a few stories will emerge that I can post about.

Thanks for your words mate, much appreciated.

Oddologists will soon go broke and forced to give up their practices if too many people stumble upon epiphanies like you...!!!

I guess they can always switch their specialty to Legologist thus giving a leg up in their fight to remain medically relevant and solvent?

Ah yes, I can see the profession morphing into something like you suggest...Legologist...Specialising in emotional disorders in people like me who get depressed when we can't buy yet another Lego set! 😁

Ye must try to leggo of self-destructive lunacy amid this time of orderly, universal consciousness whilst thy may, hereto, henceforth and beyond...

Hahahah this was so nice to read! I do think Lego is what you needed. Oh my so many small parts, patience is definetely required!

There's a lot of small parts...In complete contrast to what's in my noggin...A few wheels and pulleys with a hamster on a treadmill keeping it all turning...If that little bastard gets tired...Well, who know what the old G-dog thinks and does at that point. Anything can happen. So...I'm only as smart as the hamster will allow me to be...But I know how to build Lego.

Hahaha. We all have a little hamster on wheels inside of us, I totally agree. You're very good at Lego, I think it requires a lot of discipline to get it done once you unpack it.

I wonder if there are any Lego guns. Like real size. I think you would have no problem in assembling those. And they would cost far less than a real one, that's for sure. Oh my, I think a gun would have so many parts.... 🙈🙈

Making guns out of Lego wold be a nice way to concatenate a couple of my hobbies and create a super-hobby! Good idea.

Hehehe welcome! Can't wait to see your Lego gun!

Great to see you get back into the Lego after such a crazy time in life. And please we don't want to see G-dog in drag😵

Oh Jesus... Did you need to plant that image in my head, I have a very effective mind's eye???

Ah well, I guess by not eating for today ((at-least)) I can shed a few pounds, every cloud, right? :D

Nice little dragster you've built there, mate. Life really puts you down sometimes, but there's always that one thing that cheers us up, and more often than note, it's Lego! That Christmas Tree is a neat little touch too, though its pointiness is somewhat terrifying me for those moments I have to venture out in the dark.

You never know where Legos are hiding, sitting quietly in the carpets waiting to strike on your foot. And yes, I'm also coining the term, pointiness. Trademarks pending.

Stepping on Lego is the most agonising and brutal pain known to man. It is common knowledge.

Pointiness is a legit word. There's a degree they offer at Oxford University you know...The study of Pointiness, it's called pointiology. It's all about the study of the most painful pain one can experience...Stepping on Lego of course.

Oh god, if there's a social experiment for stepping on a piece of Lego, I'm dropping out. A Degree in Pointiness isn't worth it at that point. It's too bloody brutal. I remembered I once built a fortress made of Lego, and my toe shrivelled as it made contact with the big pointy lookout tower. Probably worse than getting gangrene, or stepping on a landmine.

Stepping on seven landmines at exactly the same moment doesn't even come close to the pain of stepping on Lego. You know it!

The pain of seeing this fellow jumping into a bath tub filled with Legos is already enough to make my feet hurt. It's not just the physical pain, mate... It's the emotional stress of post-Lego encounters with one's foot, that's what gets most people :'-(

A stint in the local mental institution always fixes up Lego-emotional stress. Been in a few times. Always works, until the next time.

I'm going to need that Post Lego Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy, right quick. In other news that I found while browsing Twitter, I've found something that you're going to enjoy. It involves either you or Faith, or the both of you changing names to Karen, just for a moment. It's possibly the only acceptable time to be a Karen... 🍕



Yeah, that's got something to do with some cunt called Karen being arrested for not wearing a face mask at a shop where it was a requirement I think. It'll gain 15 minutes of fame and then disappear like most other things...

And meanwhile Victoria goes back into full lockdown because of the rampant spread of the flu...And other cunts not doing the right thing.

You always need to get out of the routine, do something different and enjoy it. I imagine that your greatest satisfaction is when you finish building and see what you have achieved.

A complete effort, an exciting result.
you not only contribute to your self re-creation but you bring a little bit to us.
Have a good weekend too.

Well, I do a lot of shooting, handguns and long range rifles...But It's great to sit and build Lego, listen to some music. I find it relaxing.

the guns and long-range rifles sound good, relaxes and sets the mind floating. Camping relaxes me and the music should never be missing

I combine camping and guns usually...The Australian outback is a good place to do that. Off-roading, camping, hiking, kayaking, shooting...Then surfing around the campfire. The best!

Surfing, that if it gives me curiosity, so many beaches here and I had not passed by the head, however, the swell here is passive, the surf is not something that gives very well and the quarantine has us tied up. Kayak is also an adventure for life, that I will put in my goals.

I'm not much of a surfer but I have done a little here and there. I'm not very good. Reasonable fun though.

that's exactly the value, "the fun".

Great start to the month, friend!

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I built a lego marble maze tonight. Had a flashback to when Dad used to make them, so I rolled up my sleeves and smashed one out. Three storeys, (so far). Left a few peepholes in the walls, to help navigate.

Nice one! That's a great idea actually. I'll probably never be able to do my own puzzle though! 😂

Evelyn gave up, but the boys managed it. Fletch is building another storey on it.
When the marble drops down a level, it's like saving your progress.

Haha! Lego auto save!


There is no cure, but like herpes, it can be managed. Heheh

Be glad it's not the Herps.

Yeah, that's not something I'd want.

Cool #lego building @galenkp

What's the speed that this car can race? 320 per hour??? :-))

A took this photo and brought advantages to this car to look more realistic than ever ...

A true car for races ...



Well, I'm not sure how fast this car can go...I'll have to cram myself in there, start it up and take it for a run to find out!