Fire-girl Faith!

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It's common knowledge that I, the G-dog, loves building Lego. It is something I've loved for many years and now, as a fellow of fifty years old, get transported back to those days as a kid sifting through a pile of bricks creating something from my imagination on every occasion I build.

What some may not know however, is that my wife Faith loves it too...OK, not as much as me, but she likes the process of creation and we can often be found sitting on the floor building Lego together. It's relaxing, fun and a nice time to connect with each other.

To date Faith hasn't built a set; In her entire life! Yeah, I know, it's crazy. So, last weekend we rectified that travesty. Here is the result.

This is a set I purchased to add a few items to my Lego City collection which is just getting going. It's a cool little set that comes with the fire appliance (truck), detachable ladder and fire hose sled, which is not pictured above because I forgot to bring it out of the truck. (You can see it below though.)

The set includes two minifigures and a few accessories like an axe, walkie-talkie, coffee cup, megaphone, marker cones and electrical cabinet, which you can see on fire above.

It was interesting watching Faith follow the instructions. I was building another set at the time and left her to her own devices, but was keeping a sneaky eye on her. She was so precise and articulate in following the instructions. She'd see what was required for each stage, gather the bricks, make sure they were correct and placed exactly where they needed to be...Then would look at it again, see how it was shaping up and move on to the next instruction. It was kind of funny to see the intensity and concentration on her face.

She really enjoyed the build though and we had fun building Lego together as always.

Below you can see a closer image of the truck and water sled. See the sprayer in the fireman's hand? That little blue thing represents the water and the spray-head actually shoots it off when a little tab is depressed. It's pretty cool and the sort of thing that would have given me hours of fun as a kid...OK, still does! 😃


Faith is pretty keen to do another set and even mentioned doing some Lego Technic which is a little more technical in nature. To date she has not built any, mostly because it is so intricate and the smallest of mistakes often has big ramifications down the track. Building them together isn't really much of a thing though either - Too much scope for error. I've made mistakes and have had to undo hours and hours of work to set it straight - Part of the fun I guess,but annoying.

I've got a small Lego Technic set she could tackle though and this weekend might be when it happens. Of course I'll post about it. You can see the set below. A drag car 2-in-one set. It's cool because it is a pull-back set meaning it has a drive mechanism.


Faith and I have done many things over the thirty three years we have been together, and building Lego is just another in that long list. Spending time sifting through Lego bricks and coming up with all sorts of creations is not just about the Lego, it's about togetherness and gaining some distance from the troubles, concerns and worries of everyday life. Holding them at bay, even for a time, helps us deal with them a little better.

How about you? In what ways do you find a little arms length from the daily grind?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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Lego is a great way to unwind. Half the Lego in our house belongs to me when I was a kid and the rest has been added to by my own children. Those 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 sets are often what we buy. Build it one day, play then pull it apart and build something new.While just building from imagination is great fun there is also something very satisfying (as your wife discovered) in following the instructions. Not sure what that says about our psyches? I just assume I’m helping to prepare my kids for later life and the construction of flat pack furniture!

My 7-year old and I have a Meccano set still in the box. Recently the weather has been so nice that we’ve not really had cause to start it but this is England, it won’t last!

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I just assume I’m helping to prepare my kids for later life and the construction of flat pack furniture!

Lol, such a simple, but amazingly true statement!

Whilst #legoislife I also recall Meccano fondly. We didn't have much, just a few odd bits and pieces my parents found second hand, but I used to love it.

Faith and I do a lot together, and much separately also, but Lego-sessions are cool and we like them a lot. It's something about that sound of sifting a hand through Lego looking for that one piece that is probably right in front of you, that ah ha, when it is located, and the deeply satisfying moment it gets pressed into place...Heartwarming.

Thanks for your comment, possibly the first I've had from yourself I think? Thank you, I appreciate it. Please feel free to post in the LEGO community anytime, the more the merrier!


If i've not commented before then it's certainly not the first blog post of yours i've read. I don't think I'll ever forget your account of the swimming pool float and your teeth - I bet you won't forget it either. !BEER

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Lol...Ah yes, that gem from my past. Yes, my teeth remember. I was only talking about that a couple weeks ago with a friend. The stupid things we do as kids. I survived though, barely. 😂

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She's much better and following instructions that be, I never do the 'gather all the pieces' bit and then about 3 steps later realise I've forgotten something and have to go back - but I get there in the end.

I think she's seen me bugger up enough that she's over-cautious. It was sort of funny to see how careful was. Anyone would think she was bulding something on which lives depended. We laughed about it afterwards.


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That fireman has the same beard as you have! @galenkp :-)) You wanted to create to look like you or it just came so?
Anniway ...

Awesome lego set.


Haha, I didn't think of it this way but yes, he does! I always wanted to be a fireman too! It's a cool little set and I'll be doing a story with it soon.


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So good to have an actually achievable goal. You start, you follow the instructions, and when you've finished; you know if you've made it right. One decisive success.
No ambiguity.
There's an honesty and clarity to that.

You know, I think that's what I like about sets, especially the Technic. It's predictable, methodical and repeatable. Satisfies my OCDness.


Obsessive Corrective Disorder.

Haha, yes that fits too.

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playing with family is a very happy thing, especially if all have the same hobby, can create extraordinary happiness..
Good job friend
Warm greetings from Indonesia 🤗😊😃

I agree that interacting with family is a nice way to create lasting bonds and happiness. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to view my post.


You are welcome ;)

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It's fun what else you always gather with family, I think it's a fun thing, and I can also see some of the fire trucks that you upload, and this car looks very complete even though this is only a toy car, surely you buy it very expensive ,,

It's a nice way to spend some time, creative too. Lego is not necessarily cheap, you're right. But we have a lot of assorted bricks so get to build and create, then break-down and start again. It's a note toy, and one even old-children like me can enjoy.


Hemmm.. 🤗 thanks you sir..

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Thanks you very much dear friend

What a fun thing to be able to do with your wife. My youngest and I will sit and build things for awhile, but he has such a short attention span I'm thrilled when we can sit for an hour with it.

We enjoy it. Coffee, some snacks and the sound of sifting through Lego bricks...Nice way to spend an afternoon.

That drag car/hotrod thing looks pretty sick, but above all, I'm chuffed to hear that Faith's managed to build her very first Lego set. That said however, having your very own Fire Brigade could be a good, or bad thing with Grouchy around. On the one hand, it can at least put out all those fires what Grouchy will eventually set. On the other, putting Grouchy within reach of an axe, high-pressure hose, and ladders could prove to be grounds for many mischiefs to come!

I reckon old Grouchmeister would create havoc if he got hold of that axe. He's probably heard me say, far too often, about cleaving someone's head in twain with an axe. He might actually do it!

Yeah, Faith did will. We'll see how she goes with the dragster. She'll ace it, of fuck it up. Either way it's all good.

The joy with Legos is always experimenting, and sometimes the mistakes that come with it. Besides, if you mess up, it's a chance to start all over, and who doesn't like building Legos?! We require a detailed log on Faith's (mis)adventures with her Legos.

And it's definitely a good time to start keeping that axe under lock and key, just in case Grouchy might put an axe into someone. If those Oreos don't make it into his hands soon, I'm afraid there's a strong chance his master's head will be the first one that Grouchy will split open.

I have no doubt she'll fuck something up, but like you say, that's part of the fun.

Grouchy wouldn't do that to me...He may feel comfortable cleaving the people I don't like though. Evil little bastard.

I have no doubt she'll fuck something up,...

Wow, you're that sure, eh? It would be a shame... if someone told her, isn't it? I guess you could hire Grouchy as a part-time hitman/cleaver-man. Bounties will be paid in Oreo. I might have a job for him, 100 Oreos, take it or leave it.

Here's my first target, pictured below. Name's SIMPSON, HOMER. He disappeared and went underground after a drug-bust went wrong. Last known location is a doughnut shop. Try using the password "D'oh", and he'll point you to HOMER.

No human on the planet is immune to fuck ups. Failures carry us forward to success.

Lol, yeah I think Grouchy would take that job. Someone needs to rid the world of Homer.

That's true, and there's no doubt that mistakes, as painful or embarrassing as they are, is a means to learn and adapt. If Grouchy's up to the task, make sure he's aware to keep his eyes peeled wide. Homer is apparently a master of disguise. Extra Oreos will be paid for bounty if he's secure alive and well.

Nevertheless, kill or capture 🍩

Hmm, yes it seems old Homer is a wily old fox...Grouchy will be able to find him though.

I must admit, I have become quite hooked on the Lego since my daughter started doing the Harry Potter stuff. I tried to get wifey in on the action but she managed to dodge out on it, just like she dodges cloaning the fish tank and the cats tray. Grrr!

She's a wily one your wife...Out-foxes Boomster so easily huh?

Lego is so cool. But you know that already.

Aye she has a way of ducking things. Not so much outsmarting because I store them all up until I can use them against her as future ammo :OD


What you created looks nice. I remember what a logo looks like and i built some with my mother while i was a child.. i think it is a nice way of spending time together

Yeah, most people have had Lego at some stage in life...For some, like me, we still build it as adults. I love it.

You are young at heart..

Yes...50 is the new 30! Lol.


Nice build. It is cool to have movable set pieces like that.

My 69 yo Father just built his first lego set (due to quarantine). A James Bond 007 car. He said he had to have my brothers help since he never did one before. LOL. Why start with something easy right?20200627_151112.jpg

Such good fun. This is a good build. I want to get this one someday. It's got some col features. Lego can be very complex, but is always rewarding. Good on your dad for having a go! Nice set to start with.

Ooo it looks so cool! How much time will it take you to do this, from start to finish?

I think it is indeed more about being together and spending quality time rather than only about Lego. I think that the mind is really relaxed when doing your favourite things.

There is a vibe of happiness coming through these pictures and although we can't see your face, I am sure you smiled all the way through building this.

I never had a lego moment lol. Not as an adult. You make me curious to try.

These were just simple builds taking about an hour. My Lego Technic builds take much longer. The one in the post below for instance was 24 hours.

It's good fun though and it makes us happy. Faith and I do a lot of things; We're always looking to live life to the fullest, to ejoy what time we have. Sometimes it's trips to Europe, Netflix, camping, hiking, kayaking...Whatever...Including Lego.

I was happy yes, best to limit the occurrence of my face on hive though. Lol.

Wowwwww I clicked and saw it. Wow wow so technical. This is really amazing patience at its best!

I think it requires to be very precise and have a logical approach to it. I would be intimidated to try this lol. But oh my, who would have thought Lego can be so..... Amazingly detailed?

That Landrover has Lego's most sophisticated gearbox ever. It was a really technical build, but super-enjoyable. I'm glad you saw it as many people think Lego is just a kids toy...Well, if it it, I'm happy to be called a kid.

That is not only for kids. Many would lose patience, believe me. Not sure than even some adults would pull this off. Now that I see more Lego posts from you, it is quite obvious it is rather an adult friendly hobby, actually something good to train the mind for space imagination, patience and technical skills. I will consider in the future trying out for myself and then I will return to you for the best Lego advice.
It can seem for the kids from the outside for the untrained mind, it is clear that it is not.

You should track some done and give it a go. You'll know for yourself then. There's plenty available.

I will!