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Some of my earliest, and most enjoyable, childhood memories involve Lego. Back when I was a kid we had a large assortment of it; None was purchased new though, my parents had other financial priorities.

My older brother and I would pester our parents to scour the newspaper or second hand shops for Lego and we used our meagre pocket-money, supplemented by mum and dad's funds to buy what we could to add to our stash. It worked well, and whilst we didn't have sets to build, we found our creativity through building whatever our minds could think up using what Lego we collected.

Over the years I gained new interests and hobbies, played sports and, of course, got older, so Lego took more of a back-seat role and by the time I met Faith, (my wife now), at the age of seventeen and a half I'd ceased building Lego altogether.

In the intervening years I've had many hobbies including racing go-karts, playing American football (ten years), guns, hunting and competition shooting, furniture restoration, camping and off-roading, writing (I wrote a book), gardening, hiking, kayaking, rogaining, playing music (I've played the piano since the age of four) and many other things as well. Some have crossed-over each other and some were done in isolation. You'll note Lego isn't there; However my love for it never went away.

Late last year I decided it was time for me to rekindle my love of Lego and I delved in with a few builds including the 2019 Landrover Defender, Mack Anthem and Extreme 4x4 builds, all Lego Technic. I also started to collect classic Lego, blocks that I could free-style with using only my creativity.

It wasn't long before I realised how much I loved Lego and how much I had missed it!

I'm fifty now, too old to be playing with Lego? Not on your life! Lego transcends age and can be as enthralling to a five year old as a fifty year old! One just needs an imagination, creativity and a child-at-heart ethos - That sums me up fairly well.

Since the virus started I've been building free-style only; I have been working from home on reduced salary since the beginning of March and it didn't seem responsible to buy new sets. Last week I decided to do so though as one of the department stores here had a big sale on toys - And I had a gift card courtesy of work to spend.

Here is one of the sets I bought.

This Car transporter and car is a two-in-one set meaning it can be built as two different things which appear below. I'm going to build it as the semi-transporter and blue race car you see in the below (top) image and then may tear it down at some stage and build the models in the lower image (below).

Some of the features are:

  • Car Transporter with two adjustable car decks and rear loading ramp.
  • Tilting driver’s cabin
  • Detailed V6 engine including moving pistons.
  • Blue race car includes working steering and V8 piston engine.
  • It measures over 22cm (8 inches) high, 86cm (33 inches) long and, 13cm (5 inches) wide. (Not far off 1 metre long!)
  • Blue race car is 27cm long, 8cm high and 12cm wide.

I purchased this set for $149 which was a 44% saving on the recommended retail of $269. The delivery was $7.50 to my door so I ended up adding in another couple of smaller sets, which I will talk about later, for the same delivery charge to make it financially efficient.

I'm looking forward to starting this set although I'll be doing some free-styling with Faith first, probably tonight and Sunday.
I'm not a huge fan of building Lego Technic with other people; There simply too much scope for something to get missed or misplaced within the build which will only lead to disaster later when things don't fit.

I'm not sure if tragic Lego guy is an overly apt way to describe me - I'm not tragic. I love Lego though, and for those of you who have spent time building Lego for yourself, or with your children, you'll know how amazing and engaging it is.

Unfortunately for Faith and I we don't have children and so I have to take on the role of adult and child - A role I'm good at. 😂

Just before I go I want to talk briefly about the Lego Community.

I created it as a place to drop my own Lego builds, a file or sorts, but others have also used it which is totally cool, and encouraged. If you happen to have Lego, or want to post about Lego that's the place to do it. No pressure of course.

You may just like to take a look there though as there are a few doing some really cool and creative things with Lego and I think they'd appreciate your support. It seems stories are the flavour of the day and users are creating some cool ones, revolving around Lego, so go check it out and throw some support behind them.

Find the Lego Community here.

Thanks for reading and engaging.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

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That set is quite impressive. I didn’t know they were so versatile. Also, congrats on being with Faith so long. I didn’t know you met when you were 17!

33 years ago, yeah. A long time.

Enjoy it while you can. Only 49 years left.


I'll be dead inside of 30.

They can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Lol. Yep, exactly.

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Your life is so much fun. You must really be a good keyboardist. I like the idea of the lego thing but i have never played it. This is the first time i am hearing about it

You must really be a good keyboardist

Pianist? Yeah, I know my way around the ivories for sure. I don't play as much as I used to, but behind me here in my office at home is my piano and sometimes I sit there and create sounds...It's a nice way to spend some time. Rewarding, like Lego.

It's interesting you've not heard of Lego...It's been around for longer than I've been alive. Here's a link.

I will check the link. I love the keyboard so much. I tried learning it but I was never consistent with it. Still have a passion for it, i just hope it's not too late

If you are alive and of sound mind, then it is not too late to learn how to play music. I think you are both of those, so you have time still.


Thanks for the encouragement and the engagement token

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Aaaaaa you play the piano and wrote a book? That is so cool, I congratulate you, there is a lot of work behind those. What's the book about?

Rogaining seems like a treasure hunt to me, I was reading and it seems so much fun. Lego is cool for every age and it can really help to keep your passions alive.

This set looks soo good. I am not super technical but I would like to try to do lego stuff someday, with a partner even better.

I remember reading somewhere about a Lego museum. Is there such a thing?

Action/adventure/romance book, set in the old days. 440,000+ words. Was a bit of fun. I started piano just after turning 4, played ever since. It's fun too, but learning was shit. Now I'm good, it's all good. 😂

Ooo awesome, so many words, I congratulate you, you are quite a prolific writer😍 Have you managed to get it published?

I dreamed about learning to play piano, harp or saxophone. One of these someday for sure.

So I guess you might fancy classical music?

I like all music including classical. I'm one who doesn't so much follow a genre though, more the sound, and the time or mood of the music. I have a very wide range of musical interest.

Awesome. The only genre I really do not like is heavy gore growling screaming thundery metal. No way I can listen to that. 😱😂

Five Finger Death Punch is about as heavy as I go. I love that band!

I will try to give it a listen. I am a fan of Tool and Radiohead and Depeche Mode. I listened to many things during my teen times.

OK, you probably won't like them. I just like the message in their music and the fact they are very supportive of veterans.

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I'm fifty now, too old to be playing with Lego? Not on your life! Lego transcends age and can be as enthralling to a five year old as a fifty year old!

Well said! There's no such thing as being too old for Legos, impossible! This particular set looks pretty amazing, even from the box. I recalled you once said that you had Legos coming in the mail, so I don't suppose this is it? The attention to detail is simply amazing with these Technic kits.

That immersion thought was nearly lost on me when I read V6. No muscle car should have a V6, until I realised that was for the lorry. I'll be keenly waiting to see your assembly, and a new adventure begins for ol' G-Dog.

Also, as I've been under the weather, and mostly missing out on the life of my favourite Australian (apart from Crocodile Dundee, of course)... How are you doing, mate? Hope you and the family are all doing well. That includes Grouchy, as I can just about sense that he's up to no good already. Cheers and love, as always :-D

It's amazing how Lego crosses over so many ages-groups and value can be found by all.

One of my brothers is doing some Lego design on the computer, creating things from Lego blocks in 3D CAD. IT's funny because he has no Lego other than a set I recently sent him for a surprise, but is getting so much value from doing the 3D design. He'll eventually create instructions that someone else can follow to actually build the set. It's pretty incredible.

You've been ill? Nothing too bad I hope.

We're ok here, just plodding along really. Nothing too amazing going on. We're building some Lego today, together. I have some Lego City sets that arrived weeks ago and I haven't even looked at them yet. (These are the ones I had coming that you refer to.) The Technic that turned up in the last couple days is new purchases again. I only buy when it's on sale so sometimes I get a few sets coming through and then nothing for ages.

We have just done the shopping (grocery shopping) so I'll have some cinnamon-sugar donuts and coffee to accompany the Lego-shesh...A Legit way to spend Sunday afternoon I think. It's cold here, so not much else to do.

I hope you feel better and are on the mend.

Ah cheers for the kind wishes, mate. Nothing serious at all, just a damned ear infection that's bloody painful, throbbing away day and night. Meds are taking care of that just fine, and soon all the nasty bacteria will go away. I think some cinnamon-sugar donuts and coffee would make me instantly better. Mind teleporting me some, eh?

I guess this brother is the anonymous one, the last of the KP brothers that remained unidentified? My job of finding him is made easier, now that you've revealed some clues as to his obsessions with Legos. Can't be too many Lego enthusiasts in the world, right (he says as there's millions of them)? It's rather neat to play around with Legos in that way, digitally so.

I think I've found out about a site that does this, where you can assemble and play around with Legos on your web browser. Someone here introduced me to it... was it you? There's so many virtual tools that lets you do this, and it opens up a world of new ideas, I think. Not everyone can get their hands on every single Lego set, or perhaps they don't have enough for a large build. So, why spread that out endlessly on the internet?

It's even better to know that he's using these tools to help others assemble their Legos! Hope you'll have a nice ol' Lego buildin' sesh, there. Maybe that new transporter truck might just fit well with the city. In the meantime, here's what someone created with Legos on the web, just for a bit of patriotism...


Have you seen the Petronas Towers set? Its's in Lego's architecture series. It looks pretty cool. For some reason I'm not that interested in the architecture series though, not interested enough to get one I mean. I probably will at some stage.

Ah, and now I know there's a bit of patriotism left for me, too! The Architecture Series of Legos looks a bit simplistic, at least for the Twin Towers. It appears to be a whole lot of studs placed in a silo shape. Still, it's pretty cool, and I'm sure someone out there's made more complex and detailed Petronas Towers.

Now, I can't get it out of my head, but I'm imagining Grouchy as King Kong, perched on the Towers. Don't know why, but I'm seeing that lil' sour grim just perched between the Towers, resting his balls on the bridge. My brain's woken up to weird imaginations this morning, it seems...


Exactly what I thought. Simply a pile of the same things stacked atop one another. It's still Lego, but I'm into the more complex stuff.

Same here. I think this ought to be a great set for kids just starting out with Legos. But not for the burly men that we are, with the scars of prying open Legos on our fingernails.

Age ranges are both average ages of who seems to enjoy these things most and just to let you know there might be small parts mouthy kids might swallow XD

Amusingly I was really annoyed when I was buying Lego for the kids (back when they wanted to play with Lego, now it's all computer games) that they only came in sets and there weren't any buckets of parts anymore XD (it was only more recently that I've been finding not Lego but "compatible bricks" in store and I don't buy it anymore).

Lego is available in bulk bricks Ry. I've got a few of them. I never buy the compatible stuff though as I wouldn't want it mixed in with the genuine bricks. It won't matter for you know though I guess, with Lego not being a thing for your children.

Wasn't when I was actually buying them DX I managed to get a box of Duplo bricks when they were teeny but it's now just in the house for my nephew.

I reckon once I separate out the box kits that eldest didn't finish and just dump everything into the big box at least the boys might start playing with it more.

Said big box needs to be extricated out of the crap that's been piled on top of it, I have to finish cleaning and sorting and I really don't want to x_x

If they don't want the Lego I'll take it. :)

I wonder who the driver of that Prime Mover is gonna be?

Hey... Wait a minute, I think He just got out of that truck and is standing in front of it...


That photoshop is epic, c'mon man, you know you laughed.


The memories of our childhood will always remain somewhere in a secret chamber in our minds :-) @galenkp

When those memories are related to lego ... that's awesome ...

In my land where i was born, lego appeared somehow in the late 80's ... Interesting times, but, always this kind of scenarios will apply the same as ... "what cannot kill you, it will make you stronger" therefore in our secnario, if we haven't got the chance to have access to this sublime world, NOW we can achieve our dreams ... Never to forget that the child within'our souls will stay side by side with out children :-)

Enjoy your lego sets people and of course @galenkp


The fact that Lego crosses all age barriers means no matter who we are we can enjoy building Lego. It can be technical and complicated and basic, but is always enjoyable.