Lego Dinosaurs

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Today I present to you a series of Lego Dinosaurs


A very angry T-rex from set #31058 which is called Mighty Dinosaurs, being a creator set it's 3 builds, which are all you guessed it - Dinos

Flying DinoMain.jpg

The flying dino is kinda cool - would certainly be better for playing with that displaying, which means it's not great for this adult.


and finally a cute little horned dino thing, pictured here with a T-rex and if you are thinking, hang on that T-Rex looks different, it's because it is - it's from an earlier set called Fercious Creatures - set #5868 it's perhaps not as well resolved as the update, certainly in the tiny arm region, but he does have a much more solid body, which I like.

Dino Shark Front.jpg

Also included in that set is a build called Dinoshark - and well it's a pretty darn scary looking shark, admittedly pre-historic sharks really use looked like modern sharks, and they probably weren't green, but cool know the less.

Croc 1.jpg

And finally a modern day Dinosaur - that's right it's a Crocodile. This one has a jaw which snaps open and closed which shocked and then amused one of my nieces quite a bit.

These are two really good sets, they can be picked up cheap on ebay or alike and give you a heap of green peices and looks of teeth and fangs and whatnot which are useful for making all sorts of creatures

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Oh wow those are very cool!! :-)

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You know, curiously, I was recently thinking about dinosaurs, too. I had decided against it since I think I've consumed my lego budget for the year, so I'm glad to see yours!

That first T-Rex has some really badass claws! Very cool, thanks for sharing these!