Rebuilding some smaller vintage space lego.

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Surface Exporer.jpg

All the way from 1982 is this set called 'Surface explorer' - highlights for me, the (now discoloured) flexible grappy arms, and a computer on the outside for no known reason - cool yellow spaceman too.

Space 1.jpg

Land based transport From the left - The Radar truck from 1979. Next, The Surface Transport with the newer style space wheels from 1983, hard to see here but it it's actually articulated in the middle. the basic one at the back is from a larger set I'll tell you about one day and on the far right is Shovel Buggy from 1981 with a space minifig that has been through the wars, no hands, discoloured, broken helmet - poor fella.

Space 2.jpg

But we have to have got to that planet somehow so here are ships, In the centre is the two seater space scooter from 1979, which weirdly have two controls (steering wheels, becuase it's a bit early for computers) but only one minifig. This is flanked with two of the same set the Space Scooter which has a huge 20 pieces, can you imagine a Lego set nowadays with only 20 pieces?

Space 3.jpg

1981 saw a bit of a change in the flying vehicles, the two on the right are Moon Buggy which I think has a very elegant space saucer vibe. In the middle is the Space Diggers, one assumes for hovering and digging at the space time, becuase that's a thing.

On the left is in the newer look space sets - it's 1983 as you can see way more blue versus the early grey look. Looking at this picture I'm realising it's missing some red and yellow lights, but as you can see still pretty simple - The blue aerial was exciting at the time.

Space 4.jpg

By 1985 they had gone a little crazy, particularly with the 'space wings' on the left is Space dart which feel like an apt name it's basically a rocket with a (very cool) blue spaceman attached - one of his first appearances ever.

On the right is a very complicated Tri Star Voyager The middle part detaches from the main body the space wings are all on hinges there is stuff all over the place - this was a favourite back in the day and still is.

Space 5.jpg

And one final set Space Probe launcher from 1981 - unusual as the ship is white, which really not much else in early space was. Why there was only one spaceman with this is any guess, after he had climbed onto (because it's early space there aren't cabin) his ship and shot into space does he just leave the transport vehicle behind?

I love these sets, by modern standards they are ridiculously simple, but for a much much younger version of me they provided hours of entertainment, and therefore hold a special place in my heart. Long Live classic space.

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I recognise a few of those sets from my own childhood. You're making me nostalgic to dig out my old classic town and space sets....If I only I had some room to display them safely.....

I absolutely love those! They remind me of my childhood, and I still have a fascination with space-themed legos. Awesome!