Setting Up The Garden, New TREES Blending with Generation old

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On the homestead, I have been busy planting fruit trees! So far, I have planted 6 fruit trees (3 peach, 1 cherry, and 2 apple.) I am planning to plant two more cherry trees and a few more apples and possibly pear. I already have 3 established pear trees, so they are last on my list this spring!

Trees are easy to plant but they take some time if you don’t have a tractor to dig the holes for you. Planting will be an incredible exercise and worth it.

I am not only planting these trees for myself, but I am also planting them for the future generations of my family. I want to have food that grows in my backyard and yesterday is the best day to plant a tree! Because they can take years to establish, plant them as soon as you can.

Right now..

The future of the world is uncertain, but I want food to be certain for myself, my kids, and grandkids.

Are you planning for the future for yourself and your family?

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it does look certain that you and your family would be fed:).
Great work you have done.

Yay! 🤗
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I love that you're planting a lot of trees. We have a lot of guavas here on our property in Panama. We also have a lot of bananas of different varieties, lemons, and other citrus. Thankfully the kids love guavas as I think they're pretty gross! Ha! We still have plans to plant many more - just need to figure out the right location and get them tall enough that the weeds don't choke them out. That's another thing that grows really well here - weeds!!