Baked Eggs with Cheese and Veggies

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Finally I started using my new electric oven. I started making cookies today.

Because the space in my oven is quite large, so while baking cookies, I decided to make another meal.


Then I immediately thought about baked eggs with a mixture of cheese and vegetables that were in stock in my kitchen.

This recipe includes saving lives at certain times, if you have an oven.


The ingredients and how to make it are fairly easy. You don't need special cooking skills to make this.


  • Eggs (I use 3 eggs here)
  • Seasoning (Pepper, salt) to taste
  • Vegetables (I use spinach and boiled corn)
  • Grated cheese.

How to make


  • Beat the eggs. Then add seasoning and chopped vegetables.
  • Then add grated cheese. Stir well.


  • Move it to the baking tray.


  • Bake for around 20-30 minutes.



  • Lift, and serve with your favorite sauce. You can add other vegetable garnishes and grated cheese toppings if you want.

This dish has always been my favorite. My mother said, it looked like pizza. 🍕 🍕 🍕

What do you think of this dish? Have you ever tried eggs that are served by baking?


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It look very great

Yes Indeed. You have to try this dish. 😊

This looks great and pretty simple to make! Thank you for sharing. I'm a new egg fan. I will definitely try this out!

Please let me know if you try this recipe later.

Thanks for reading 😊

Looks yummy..


Looks yummy! I have made a egg dish with cream cheese that is baked in the oven called Quiche lorraine.

Very easy to make too :)

Thank you so much for reading.

Welcome @anggreklestari.

Have a great day!

oooohhh!! looks good and healthy. what kind of cheese do you use?