Corn Soup on the Way of Making

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I have a new idea to combine corn soup with oats for breakfast. Maybe this is different from the corn soup that you usually consume with a savory taste.

I imagined sweet corn soup mixed with oats that didn't really have a dominant taste.

Food Preparation


Bright, and can form an attractive texture. So I decided not to miss having fun with cornflakes in the kitchen.


I have removed the corn grains from the fruit stem. There are some interesting facts about corn that make me amazed.


Interesting facts about corn

  • Corn produces thick texture and sweet taste. That is why corn flour can also be used as plant-based cream mixed with plant-based milk and fruit.

  • Corn has a low glycemic index, good for diets, and controlling blood sugar. So corn can be used as a substitute for rice. In some parts of Indonesia, corn has been a staple food for a long times.

  • Corn can be used as a savory and sweet food

Just like pumpkin, corn can be used as a savory and sweet food. It is not at all strange if corn is used as a suspicious flavor food even though the basic taste of corn is sweet.

  • Corn can be a delicious and refreshing drink
    It might sound strange to you if corn is made as a drink. But I have tried making corn drinks several times and the results are quite good! Corn ice can also be used as a dessert with the addition of jelly and others.


That was the photography that I managed to do today before I made corn soup today. Hope you enjoy my work today. See you at my delicious recipes!


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Your photos are generally amazing, one of the best on the platform and I generally feels it complements your cooking so much. Well-done as always

Thank you so much for your kind words my friend