Cutting Old Leaves from My Favorite Ornamental Plants

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This Alocasia type ornamental plant is my favorite plant. The leaf bones will be like a lamp that lights up in the dark. On the surface of the leaves, there is also velvety fine hair, that's why this plant is also called "Velvet" in our area.

Cutting Old Leaves


In one plant can not be too many leaves. New leaves will appear in the middle of the plant and the oldest leaves will begin to wilt and start to turn white.


Because of the type of taro, the old leaves cannot fall off by themselves from the plant. The stem is still tightly attached to the plant.


So we have to cut off the bottom of the stem which is attached to the plant.


I cut two old leaves.

Broken, Then Grow Again

I always enjoy doing this activity. It's like philosophy to me. The broken ones will be replaced with new ones.


There is always new hope like new leaves on a plant. It teaches us not to be afraid of hope when old things in our lives are broken.

Like a broken heart, it will be replaced with a new feeling even if it takes time.

But don't be sad, because there will be happy for us if we believe that.


Happiness and beauty are like little new leaves waiting to grow bigger. Even though it hasn't been seen yet, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

After Cutting


This is what my plant looks like after cutting it.

I think my houseplant is starting to grow big and maybe I will replace it with a bigger pot next time. New children have also started from this plant.

Oh, how time flies!