My Simple Mocktail Recipe Ever!

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When the day getting hotter, and the value of the crypto investment doesn't keep your mind calm, okay let's get a drink!


Prepare a glass of ice drink containing your creations, as simple as possible which makes your mood better.


My mocktail recipe is quite simple. Maybe it's more like Lemonade. But who cares? 🤣🤣🤣 🍋🍋🍋


I prepared a large cup of lemonade and I prepared a fruit satay garnish that increased the level of the lemonade to a mocktail.


I poked watermelon and papaya using watermelons then served them in a glass.


One glass of lemonade with one fruit skewer. When the fruit satay is marinated in lemonade that wants to cool, it will provide extra freshness.


Likewise, with lemonade which is given additional fruit, it is like another variation of infused water which has the freshness of juice in it.


That is why it would be better to soak the fruit satay in the lemonade before serving about 3-6 hours so that the juice soaks in the lemonade water and it is heaven! Trust me!


What is your favorite mocktail or lemonade variation to kill-crazy hot things?! Tell me, please!

Happy HODL and stay creative!


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