Warm the Night with a Hot Chocolate Drink

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In tropical areas like Indonesia, the night will feel so cold, even when the day is very hot.


I sat on the porch, enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the night. Every now and then children in my village pass with friends or just play in a neighbor's house.


So I decided to make a warm drink, but this time it wasn't coffee.


I have a supply of instant chocolate powder to brew into a delicious drink.


This is a brand that is quite popular in Indonesia, for drinks and snacks.

I make a glass of chocolate drink, then enjoy it while staring at the soothing lights.


I am very grateful for the atmosphere of the night which gave me a lot of inspiration for my work.

In addition to creating content and completing several projects for my clients, I am still active in completing my own creative projects, my third book.

May we continue to be blessed and health.

Until next!


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Look yummy


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