Drawing a cartoon version of Myself - easy how to

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Hello, friends!
As you know from my article few days ago, this month i bought a tablet, so i tried to draw on it too. I got an idea to make a cartoon version of myself, so i draw the sketch with my pen first.

Then, i tried to draw it on my tablet. To draw, i used medibang apps cause i think it's user friendly, really easy to use, like paint in the computer for me. The different thing is only the pen i used. Actually, to draw in the tab is a new experience for me, luckily the pen i have is so responsive.

So if you want to make a cartoon version of yourself first download the apps then you could see how i made it.

For this drawing mostly i used 10 px or 10 pencil.
First, i started from the big bow, i usually wear this big bow, minnie mouse style of bow. Then my bang, hair and face. My favorite shirt, the collar first, then a hand with my s pen on it. Look, for the tip, i used smaller pen 6px or 6 pencils. Then back to 10px, i draw my left hand which was weaving.

Then i draw the back of minnie mouse on my shirt. The original version of my shirt also has the minnie mouse on it but it had 3 minnie which only in black colour so i made a modification here with the colourful minnie, to make is was quite easy. Started by drawing 3 small circles then the body. Then, pick 1px pen red colour to draw the bow, don't forget the polkadots. Do the same for the skirt. Then black for the legs and also tail. Last, red for the shoes.

Fulfill the black for the legs. Then finish myself with the trouser. Last, colour it all from the shirt, hair, bow.

Finish with the detail for my trousers like below. Also don't forget to draw and colour the cheeks with soft pink. Then i finished a cartoon version of myself.

Hope you could make your own version of cartoon too...
Happy drawing!


cute ;)

thanks, you could also draw your version of cartoon too :)

Oh I think it is too difficult

no it's quite simple actually.. you should try, it's fun

I try :P