Let's pose! Posing Lambs - easy draw & colour how to

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Hello, friends!
I just finished a gang of lambs. They were so photogenic and ready to pose, before it they made up their fur with soft colours. They were all cute and colourful. Let me share it with you.

Material & things needed:
a piece of A5 sketch paper
a 2B mechanic pencil
an eraser
a 0.2 drawing pen
36 colour pencils (deli colorun)
staedtler luna watercolor pencils

How to draw & colour it:
First i draw a sheep, from two ears, head, body then feet. Then i draw another one, next to it. Also from head to feet. Others also, i made 5 sheeps here. The different would be only their expressions. Complete with some grass also below.



After finished them, i bold all with the drawing pen and also erase the pencil sketch. Last, colour with the colour pencil. I made thick and bold colour near the border line and also draw their curly fur.


Let's pose with them now...

Happy drawing & colouring!

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Super cute draws <3

thanks :)