This Yoghurt Drink Completely Changed Their Packaging And Im Here For That.

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Hello dear...
Today i had a walk session with my sister.
So, we walk with a supermarket near our house as the goal.
The reason why we went there because mg sister wants to buy a paint.
Well, me being me, cant stop myself from buying snacks and especially yoghurt drink.
I live yoghurt.

So, when i look around what to buy.
I saw these interesting bottle lined up.
The color are all pretty because its in aster colors.
So i got close to them and see whats that.
So, its actually a yoghurt drink.
I became excited when i know that.
The reason of that because that’s exactly what i need and want to buy.

So i look again and saw the variant, here i will show you all the variant that i can found in that supermarket.
The brand name of this yoghurt is Greenfields.
They have other products like milk too in their brand.
But we will specially talk about their yoghurt drink here.


  • Strawberry


  • Blueberry


  • Mango


  • Mixed Fruit


And, there’s one in their original packaging before they started to changed the design of packaging to the new more pastel colored one.
As we can see, the original packaging looks so messy and just too much.
It looks so outdated
I think its a really great idea that they put a simpler design with more trendy and popular color.
Its more pleasing to the eyes.


The size of the drink is 250ml.
The price is 9.000 idr.

So, i guess you can see which one i ended up took home right?
Yes its the yellow one, the yellow one is the mango variant.
The main reason why i choose mango out if bunch of the variant because i never ever drink a yoghurt drink with mango variant.
So this is the first experience to me.
Mostly, i bought blueberry or mixed fruit one.
The taste is light, its just the same with the old yoghurt drink they have.
Im familiar with the taste,except the hint of mango in there.


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