Today’s Rainy Day Are My Sweet Weather, I Should Eat Sweet Snacks In This Kind Of Weather.

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This evening, the weather looks like it will rain.
So immediately, i decided to order food online.
Before the rain fall down and i cant order food anymore.
Well, I probably can but i just dont have a heart to let the driver buy my food and send it to me in rain.
So i suddenly crave for the sweet thing.
I dont know the last time i eat sweet food.
Because lately, i kept eating spicy food.
So, i want a change sometimes too.
And anyway, its raining down so hard just few minutes after the delivery guy arrived with the food to my house.
So, thankfully i made the decision of ordering food in the right time.
I planed to order once more in another restaurant though, but i canceled them because the weather start getting worse and worse.
And, thank God i canceled them, if not, the driver would be drenched in rain water.


I ordered a food from Stroping.
This is a chocolate with mozzarella inside.
I think that the last time i eat stroping was 2 months ago.
Actually, stoping has many other variant but j dont know why i keep ordering the same thing.
Other than the sweet variant like chocolate, tiramisu, and green tea, stroping has spicy variant too.
I probably should try that variant too someday.
I am someone that love to try new food but when im in rush, i keep ordering the things that im familiar with.


The price of one piece of this are only 12.000 idr if we buy it online.
But if we buy it in the restaurant, it probably only 10.000 idr per piece.
I honestly doesn’t know if its cheap or normal price.
What do you think?
Is is categorized as overpriced?
Because if we think about it, theres nothing special in that.
Only cheese and flour plus the sauce.
Mozzarella itself not really expensive either.
But since i like it, i just keep ordering from them.
I guess its still kinda okay.


I want to buy all if their variant in one time.
But i canceled that plan too.
Because i want to really save money right now.
As we all know, the price of the hive aint the best right now so i think its just not wise to spend money carelessly.
Especially for snacks.
I think that rather than spending money on anything else,i spent money the most on food.
I understand if its the main food but a lit if times i spent my money on snacks.
I think thats such a bad habit.
Because snacks is something that i actually doesnt need.
Other than it really affecting my wallet, it affect my health too.
Its so hard for me to lose weight.
My stomach keep getting bloated.
I became lazy to work out or atleast wear a waist trainer because of that.
So this “saving” money time actually a good chance for me to save both my body and my wallet.
I hope that i can endure this time.


By the way, if we’re talking about Stroping, we cant forget to talk about the taste.
I mean that chocolate and cheese?
Its a combination that cant ever went wrong.
Its taste so good.
Especially because i eat them while the chocolate still melted hot and the weather is rainy.
Such a perfect combination.