Visit My Friend In Kopi Bel Because She Just Works There

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Last time, i went out with my friends to a cafe not far of my house.
The main reason why we decided to go there because one of our other friend just start working in that cafe.
So we want to come and give some support to her.
Other reason because we’re meeting anyway in that day so we thought, its rarely for us to be able to gather like this so why not meet the whole crew of our friendship.




This is the cafe.
Its called Kopi Bel.
The cafe is cozy with outdoor theme.
So they dont have any room indoor.
But dont worry about the rain because all of the area covered on top of it so we will be safe from rain.






This is their menu.
Surprisingly they have a lot variant in their menu.
And i love their price point because its cheap.
So this make this place a good place to just hang out with friends (especially because they have free wifi).
But, like in any other place.
They dont have many tea variant which is disappointing but not surprising.




This is some of our orders.
As we can see, its mainly drinks.
The reason of that because we just finished cook and eat in one if other friend’s house.
In there, we’re already stuffed our stomach with so many foods to the point we’re malfunctioning for 2 hours and just laying down watching tv.
Thats all we do before we decide to go to this cafe before the day getting even more dark.


We didnt take many pictures yesterday.
But we have some like this.
The last time we took the whole picture together was last year.
But it doesnt mean thats the last time we gather together as whole.
We gathered together as whole few times this year and casually meet up once every one or two week.
They’re my friends since my junior high so its 14 years ago.
The time we spent as bestfriends are the same with the time that i spent without them in my life.
I wish that we will be bestfriend even longer, forever.