What Do You Think About How We Should Dressed To The Airport? I Changed My View About This Matter.

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Hello dear...
In this post i wanna write about something that i already thought for sometime in my mind.
So i wanna share and possibly, try to discuss it with you guys.
Guys, have you ever been to airport?
Took flights?
Most of us probably will experienced that at least once in our life.
Thankfully, i had a chance to fly few times in a year.
So, the next question are, how do you dressed to the airport?

How can i go to this question?
I saw a clip of stand up comedy video on instagram, he said and i quote, "What is going on in the airport? It looks like a slumber party. Do people care what they look like anymore? They just came out now as is."

Well, i immediately checked my archieve story on instagram to see how i dressed all this time in the airport.
Mind you, i need to refresh my memories because its been such a long time since the last time i took flight because of the pandemic cancelled so many plan.
Now the last time i went to the airport, i dressed like this.
Dont you think that i look like i just gonna hit the gym?
I think the most unacceptable part of my whole outfit is the legging.
Its just make the whole looks so homie and gym vibe.
Let alone plus my adidas bag and my the north face big shoes...
I understand wanting to use a very comfortable shoes in the airport and its just doesnt make sense to wear a heels to the airport.
I dont know how could i think that my outfit for that day and occasion is okay.
And wait for it, because i surely have something worse that i will share in this post.


For those trip, this is what i wear when i went back home.
I just wear a over sized jacket and a legging again.
Once again, i look like i just need to go the nearest minimart from my house to grab some snacks.
While in fact, i went to tge airport, crossing borders and such.


Since most of the time, i travel alone, i dont have many picture that can showed my outfit that day.
But i remember what i wear in this day.
This was such a hard day for me because i need to have a connecting flight in early morning around 5.30 am and i arrive after my first flight around 9 pm.
So i need to wait alone for like 8 hours, and it just felt like hell.
So i wear a very thick and long jeans coat to help keeping me warm.
I think my jacket is cute and functional because it help me a lot while can keep me not looks so underdressed.
But, the inside, i wear a tshirt and a legging.
So without my long coat, i will look like i gonna go to gym or like what i said before, to a nearest minimart near my house.


This is not realky full picture, but as we can see, i wear a legging here.
I just cant believe how accurate people that been talking about we all go to the airport like we will go to the gym. Lol.
Its been so many times that i wear legging in airport, and this is clearly not the last time



Thsese both are pictures from different occassion but theres one thing similarity between them, that is i wear legging.

Now. Lets talk about some of my decent looking one.


This is in my city airport, i traveled with my best friends.
I wear a crop fake fury top and a green tartan cullotes.
I think for the shoes, we dont really need to talk about it because its impossible to wear high heels to the airport.



This is when we were back to our city.
And i still wear tge same pants as when i went to that country.
But thats because i didnt bring a lot of clothes.
I was famous for being so practical when travel between my friends.
I wear a bralette with a shirt and green tartan cullotes.
I unbuttoned the shirt to my attempt making it more stylish.



Ok so now lets talk about MY WORST outfit to the airport.
Not only to the airport, i wear this outfit for almost 4 days straight.
The reason is because i spent most of the time in airport.
And i went to 2 country in just 4 days so i basically just stay in airport 3 night and 1 night in a hostel.
Tiring days.
But i think thay i only changed the tshirt in the day time when i need to go out, but whenever i need to go to the airport again i wear the same outfit again.
Its a tshirt and a legging again.
Thanfully, since im in the air con all day all night with basically does nothing, i didnt smell at all.

So, whats the conclusion from this post?
I wish that i can redeem my guilt for myself to not respecting myself by dressed like i just rolled out of the bed when i went to another city and country.
I want to dressed better the next time i went to the airport.
Like how i keep trying to always dressed better wherever i went now.
So, guys, do you think its important to dressed yourself comfortably yet well dressed when you need to go to the airport to take a flight?
Do you think its part of the self respect to yourself too?