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Every day I am unsure exactly what I will be getting when I pick through the bunches of squash plants. It is a little like opening a gift each morning, some it is a big heavy gift of squash and others it is a little load. Yesterday managed mid 30s and I have about 25 pounds in stock that isn't getting delivered this morning.


I called my Dad and we talked over what I had done trouble shooting my truck. The thing I had not done was to clear the code after I had tested the sensors and solenoids. Being the truck has a timing chain and not belt it likely was just a hiccup. I cleared the code and the check engine light went off. I had the trailer still hooked up so the boys and I went and got a load of hay.

We got home and I set about unloading the bales. My initial attempts failed using stakes pounded into the ground so I backed up to the tree and used it to tip the bales off the trailer.


It works perfectly and both bales were quickly unloaded and rolled onto the pallet.


I get to use my pallet covers now that we are getting our hay stock rolling. They are 48x54x72 pallet covers that come on a roll of 30. They are 4 mil thick plastic and fit the bales perfectly.


I covered the 2 bales then rolled the third up next to them. The sheep still need to root through the rest of the 1st cutting bales that are in the pen before I give them the new 2nd cutting bale. Pretty stoked though as the bales are going to be super good through the winter with the pallet cover then tarp over them all.


Got the boys lunch then once they were done we loaded up in the truck again and headed north to the feed store. We got a load of grower and layer and upon arriving home they boys gave a little hand with the unloading. They like opening the bags and pulling the strings.


The bean orders still needed to be filled and I had to pick more beans to get enough to fulfill them. I got about 10 pounds picked from both gardens which gave me enough for today. I hauled everything in and setup for the bagging. All 70 half pound bags were done within an hour while @stryeyz worked on dinner.

I got the rest of the boxes ready for delivery this morning then went to hook up the trailer to get grain at the same time.


After dinner I went back to the shed to do a little more work. The materials I ordered were home so started with the outlet boxes. I installed 5 boxes around the inner walls and then one on the center beam that faces down. I got the outlets and switches set around in them and then started to run wire sections between boxes. I didn't get very far but have it started.


This morning I am going to get grain, drop off the co-op orders, pick up my order, then more work in the gardens, on the shed, with the bees, and with the boys. Busy damn days around the farm.

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Cool you have a timing chain and not a belt. I'm glad it was an easy fix!

I do like those pallet covers for round bales! I'll have to look into them.

These are the pallet covers that I got. They take a bit of a stretch to fit fully over the bale but work really well for the bales I get.

Thanks! I've saved this.