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The days are such a mixed bag of tasks. Yesterday started as always with the squash picking which gave a slim sub 30. I need to get another 40 or so for tomorrow's delivery.


The chickens got a bit of a pen to roam in now. They have gotten big fast and needed the extra room desperately. I gave them a small area for now but will increase it over the next days. I also took down the pen the older meat birds were in. The Rangers are going to be ranging with the rest of the birds.


It took some serious figuring to get the sliders and the frame. While it won't be perfect I think I will be able to get it to work. The frame is about 3 inches short but I will make it work and will fill the gaps that will be on the bottom of the frame.


The pole beans are getting to be a pain to harvest. The problem is the reaction of my skin to the leaves and tendrils scratching me. I had to come in and take a Benadryl to stop the itching and reaction. I only managed a bucket full before my body made me stop.


Back at the shed I built the header beam of 2x6s and set it on the top of the back wall while I built the front.


The front wall is made of 2 matching sections. It made cutting and piecing them together pretty easy.


The first piece went together fairly fast but I found a couple steps that needed revamping. The 11" pieces over the window opening were a bit too long so on the second I waited to do them until the last.


I got my order of pallet covers. It is a roll of 30, made of 4 mil plastic, and large enough to fit over my round bales of hay. These will be what I cover every bale with and what will keep them dry and mold free through winter. They cost about $5 each but it is well worth it to save a $60 bale of hay.


I realized I needed to add an extra stud to the inner side. This is going to be supporting a lot of weight and needs to be a strong support. I made a note for the next section.


The second section went together faster than the first and it fit better. I made sure to double the stud and all the spacers fit nicely.


I pulled the beam into place and screwed it down. The front wall will have a lot of light with the 2 6 foot wide windows and the 5 foot wide slider.


The windows fit perfectly but I found the left window will need to be worked on. The panes are not matching and I may have to change out the window for one of my others. Today I will work on finding the correct windows. I also started to put the slider frame in but found that I am going to have to install it before the beam over head so I have enough space to get the sliders in the frame.


Finished up 4 more audio books. In the past week and a half.
Deep Work Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World - by Cal Newport (Pretty good and some useful info)

TTC Audio - Impossible - Physics Beyond the Edge - by Benjamin Schumacher (Interesting and rehashed some topics I have heard in others recently)

Calling Bullshit - by Jevin D. West & Carl T. Bergstrom (Very blatant liberal bias but some quality ideas)

The Science of Self-Learning - by Peter Hollins (Short and kind of basic)

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Homesteader's Veggies & construction: A great mix!

Love the big windows! You said it was for doing crafts and things., and while I was making tomato soup base today, I was wondering what the crafts were?

@stryeyz has a spinning wheel and felting supplies, fiber arts, fabrics, and the sort. The back wall will be solid shelving so it will also be a storage area to help clean out the house a bit.

Your tomatoes are putting out way better than mine. I am getting a quart of cherries every other day or so. It will be another couple weeks before they kick into gear. We are in panic mode now as the cow is ready to pick up tomorrow and we need to make freezer space. Lots of fruit leather and canning is going to be happening.

Very cool, a spinning wheel!

That's why we have more than 1 freezer! LOL

We have 4 deep freezers... plus the 2 on the fridges... We may need to implement a procedure to keep them cleaned out a bit better. 😄

LOL, yup!

The shed is looking fabulous!!!! Very impressed. I need to get back onto audiobooks, especially now I'm on my own a bit more whilst hubs works a bit.

I've been listening to them while in the garden for a few years now. It is a nice change up from music which is pretty repetitive over all.