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Nicely cooler yesterday and first thing in the morning I headed to town to pick up a batch of grain from the brewery. They haven't had to brew much lately even though the tap room is open, their prior large batches lasted a while. The sheep and the birds all love the grain and were right on top of it after I finished emptying the barrels.


Mid 30s on the squash is okay. They are ebbing right now and still producing, just not full bore at the moment.


With @stryeyz working on the fruit and berries and getting them processed I was able to get back to work on the shed. I only had so many screws left so I did what I could. The first part was the end section, 36 inches by 19 inches, which got fixed in place and braced.


The other end got installed and braced.


I found I needed more of the lumber so I loaded up all the rest of the 2 bys and drove them to the shed.


The center section went together easily. It is 1 foot spacing to give as much strength over the top of the slider as possible. I managed to get it set in place by myself and since the 2x6 beam was fairly flat on top the section sat solid.


The tops header got installed to fix the sections together. I put up a brace from the center of the front wall to the back wall. I don't really need it since the sections are solid but I like the extra assurance.


We have a few cabbage that are good sized and I picked the biggest of them mid day. It was a solid 8 inch head of cabbage and is likely the largest I have ever grown. I can't remember a larger one than it. It became a big part of our dinner last night.


Having run myself out of screws I made a run to town to pick up more. After i got home I got to building the upper ends. The hardest part of it was figuring out the angles of the cuts. The one on the point needed a 25 degree cut along the thin dimension.


It took some serious thinking to make sure I got my angles right and the dimensions correct to fit the opening.


The first one went up and got fixed in place. I had to remove the bracing one either end and in the center to allow flex to get everything flushed up.


With the first done the second went together a bit faster. I got it installed and tested a rafter to see how it will fit. I will have to cut bird beaks in each end of the rafter to sit on the headers. I have brackets that I am going to install on the rear wall header to help hold the rafter as strong as I can make them.


A major component that I will build today is the center beam that will run from the above the center of the slider to the rear wall header. This will fix the front and rear wall together to help keep the front wall from possibly bending or warping or worse at the 2x6 header. That is the weakest point in the wall, in only one direction - the inward and outward.


You can see where the 2 upper windows will be. I have a double stacked header on the front which I am hoping will be strong enough over the 2 windows. My big concern is snow load may cause issues on those spans. My option which I most likely will do is to install a vertical board in the window frame in the middle on the inside. This will at least give support in the middle of the window frame. Part of the fun in designing as I go.


Today I hope to get the rafters on. If I can do that then the shed will just need OSB put on it before I install the metal roofing. Getting closer now.

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That's going to be some incredible light! I do hope those windows hold up to snow load....