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After my delivery to the co-op first thing yesterday morning I got home and did a little picking in the garden, what little the squash are giving me. After the boys got up and I got them going for the day I headed up to the shed for the bulk of the day.


I started off by sheathing the east end wall. It took 5 pieces and the upper edge isn't perfect but it is under the eaves so no big worry. This end of the shed was a good bit easier than the west end as it sits higher off the ground. This side I could use the shorter ladder and didn't have so far to climb.


Each section took me about an hour to cut and sheath between checking on the boys, gathering tools or supplies, and doing the work. I was hoping to have a bit more left over OSB but I ended up with shy of 3 full sheets.


I had to redo a couple of cuts. The right window overhead was too short so I had to take it off and put the taller one on. It needed to cover the 2x6 beam to the base of the upper windows. It was much nicer to be able to work inside the shed out of the direct sun light now.


I ran into a bit of a problem as I was putting the top center piece in. I cut the slots to go around the rafters but I didn't cut them deep enough so the sheet didn't sit flush. I had to get my sheetrock saw to cut the notches a bit bigger. Once I got them notched out the sheet sat flush against the studs.


Finally by 4:30 pm I had all the sheathing on. The last pieces cut were the ones over the top windows that fit in between the rafters. I have a half inch gap that will need to be filled between the sheathing and the front upper roof but it is more than good for the time being. Next is to put on the Tyvek and then the windows will get installed. We aren't expecting any rain for over a week so it isn't super imperative that they go in right away though I would prefer sooner so the windows aren't just laying around.


Finished another audiobook.
Doug Stanhope - 2018 - This Is Not Fame
(Doug is hilarious and I have listened to his comedy for years. If you aren't easily offended then he just may be for you. I love dark humor and Doug is chock full of it. I laughed constantly listening to this.)

Today I have to pick tomatoes and cucumbers, get hay, I need more chicken feed, move the bags of insulation to the shed, make up the next materials list for order, and home school.

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My son introduced me to Doug Stanhope a few years back, I'm not a big fan but do find much of his comedy funny

I first heard him on the Opie & Anthony show from years back amongst a heap of other comics. Doug is a lush, Norton a perv, Patrice Oneal was insanely funny but many found him demeaning. We need more comedy in this world.

Wow! Whole walls! What a day's work! Really cool to see what it looks like, rather than trying to visualize..

It really helps having a skin on the skeleton. Now with the lights installed it is pretty cool in the dark. I really need path lighting to it though as it is DARK between it and the house.

Oh! A photo of it with lights, please!

Today's post has a few pics at the end of it lit up. I really like it with the 5k temp lights that are the white light.

Wow! How amazing is this! Great job! Today I received my golden squash seeds so I hope I get a harvest as good as yours!

I just got my first order of seeds for next year yesterday myself. You should have no trouble in your climate and could probably be harvesting before I am even planted. I have found the most prolific of the yellow/gold summer squash (for me) has been the Chiffon.

Thank you so much for this tip! Zucchini grows crazy here as well as other squashes but it’s the first time I’m doing a golden variety. I need to get rid of a vole that’s been attacking my garden too, that’s another tack on the list lol