Club Sandwich Recipe

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Because of covid-19 pandemic schools are closed and children learn through home schooling. These days mothers work has doubled as they look after home and also take care of children's learning. So Shahan is studying in grade 1 and got a task of making club sandwich. So we prepared a homemade club sandwich and I also thought to share this easy recipe with my Hive community.

Desi Murgh Karahi Ingredients

Bread Slice ------------------------------------------------4
Tomato ----------------------------------------------------- 1
Cucumber ------------------------------------------------- 1
Salt ----------------------------------------------------- -------for Taste
Black Pepper Powder --------------------------------1 Tsp
Boiled & Shredded Chicken -----------------------1/2 Cup
Boiled Egg ------------------------------------------------- 1
Mayonnaise ----------------------------------------------- 1/2 Cup
Ketchup ------------------------------------------


 Mix Chicken, Mayonnaise, Salt and Black Pepper in a Bowl
 Apply this Mixture on Bread Slice
 Put Boiled Egg Slice on it
 Add Veggies of Your Choice


Delicious Homemade Club Sandwich is ready to eat. Children love this recipe and it is also a good snack for evening tea and breakfast. Club Sandwich is a healthy meal as it is full of nutrition. Follow my page and support me for upcoming homemade recipes.


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