The Istanbul Pide at Cook Nook

in GEMSlast month


Recently as a nation, we are facing a very difficult situation because of Covid 19. In this pandemic, many industries have shut down and a lot of people have lost their jobs. But this pandemic has also opened some new venues and many home delivery businesses like small food outlets have emerged. Cook Nook is one such food business that has established during the covid19 situation and has promoted its business on social media. As I have been following this small food outlet on social media so when they opened up after lockdown, I decided to visit them. They are having a small place but their menu has some variety of food from Desi Pakistani food to Chinese, Italian, and also middle east food.





As the weather is changing a little bit and I felt some cold. So I ordered Chicken corn soup and some fries as a starter. On the menu I saw many interesting items to try but as I was there to taste some new recipe. So I ordered The Istanbul Pide, a famous Turkish dish that looks like a pizza with some Asian touch. They also offer The Ankra Pide but in this dish they use beef and I am a chicken lover so I ordered The Istanbul Pide. The pide was tasty and light. The dough was crispy and well baked with the topping of cheese, mushrooms, and spicy chicken.