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Coconut trees are very much common throughout the world and they are providing as a very nourishing kind of fruit which is loved by a huge majority of this entire world we all are loving the forms of coconut that we find all over the world that it be its water that it has to provide for the softpulse that will love to have which is also one of the ingredients in a lot of dishes that we have eaten throughout the life.

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Today in this blog I will also be sharing one of such amazing dishes that is made out from the fruit that this tree provides us which is the coconut and this is a completely Indian dish which is really amazing to have and is very simple to make at home as well.
I will be showing you are the steps that are involved right from plucking of the coconut from the tree till the dish is completely ready to eat and I really I show you this is going to be very interesting for you all.

To Start things off once you have the coconut in your hand away from the tree you need to hear it apart and get the coconut which is inside it safe and sound apart from the upper layer that is required to be separated out first.

Once you do that you will receive something which is similar to this which is just as the shape of a ball which is inside this amazing cover which is this is protected by. Well actually it is just a shell which is having the fruit and the coconut water which we all drain is only situated inside this which is covered with a lot of protection which is just unboxing.

Once you get out the ball out of all the protection that was involved you will have this ball and when you break that into pieces it will look something like this from inside and this really is a very good sighting. And in case the coconut is having water you will also find it over here only.

Once you have reached this page now you have to just scraped off whatever the pulp is inside the white pulp that you are witnessing inside the coconut is what is going to be the main ingredient of the dish we are making today. You can scrap it all by using a scraper or by using a traditional Indian scraper which is primarily used for only this purpose of scrapping a coconut from inside it is designed specifically for this purpose.

And right after you have scraped all the you will have something which is like a dense white powder which is the pulp of the coconut and this is what is going to be the primary ingredient of the dish we are making today.
Well now you are having the primary ingredient of yours completely ready and the another and the only ingredient that you need is jaggery or sugar. You can choose whichever you want only difference you will get in each one of them is that the sugar one will give you more sweetness and the jaggery one will give you a brownish colour and different test which is having less sugar which is also good for diabetes patients.
I just took jaggery for mine and I am going to use jaggery as the secondary ingredient that is required in this dish.

Now what you have to do is just makes up the white scraped off from the coconut with the jaggery that you have to and for each coconut that you scape, you will require about 250 grams of jaggery. And now you have to mix it up very well and once you have done that you will have to move to the next step.
And after mixing it up you will have to take the mixture and heat it up in a pan or any vessel you want to meet up on. Just single thing that you need to remember is that you need to continue it in order to preventing it from getting stick to the vessel you are hitting it up on even if you are doing it on a nonstick there are chances that it might stick upon.

After heatting it for about 10 minutes you will have to take it off from the stove or microwave wherever you are getting it you will just take it from there and let it cool down a bit. Right after its temperature reduce is somewhat to an extent you can hold it in your hands you will have to get onto the very next step.
The shapes that are the most common ones and Indians love making that are the very simple but very traditional the spheres that you would have surely seen. To bring that shaped all you need to do is take some of that mixture in your hands and rotated within your hands and it will surely become the spheres which you would see just below. The only thing that you need to remember in this step is that you will have to perform this step when the mixture is somewhat heated up and it will make it easier for you to bring whatever shape you want to bring it into.

And once you have saved up all of your mixture you just have to let it cool down and you can also use a freezer if you want. After the it is cooled down you are having it ready to eat. You can also it by using some of the mixture or even the white pulp that you scrapped from the coconut as a garnish in which really looks nice and finally serve it :)

Thanks Everyone For Stopping by and spending some time on my works and I hope you liked it :)

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