Dahi Golgappe - An Indian Delight | A Full Guide To Prepare Them AT HOME !

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People of India is passing through a very critical time, most of them are confined to house and trying to explore their hidden talents and at the same time learning something new to utilise their free time.

Basically I am not very interested for cooking but I am fond of to taste different different snacks in the evening. So I tried to prepare DAHI PHUCHKA (GOLGAPPA).

First let me say about ingredients required to prepare DAHI PHUCHKA- as follows:-

Round shaped phuchka (golgappa) which is readily available in market.

  1. Boiled potato - two or three pieces

  2. Dahi ( cards)

  3. Salt plain and black salt

  4. Roasted zera (cumin) powder

  5. Red chili powder

  6. Mango powder

  7. Tamarind chatni

  8. Chat masala

  9. Sew - readily available

  10. Coriander leaf ( Dhania patta).


First we have to smash boiled potatoes then to mix all masala one by one, first add plain salt, black salt (as per taste), mango powder, chat masala, zera powder, red chili powder and we can also add green chili in pieces and lastly then dhania patta.


Then we have to break one side of phuchka then we have to insert little bit of smashed boiled potato which we have mixed all masalas. Then we have to put dahi - if required we can add salt and suger and then imly (tamarind) chatni on the top of it. And then of it we decorate with dhania patta, sew, zera powder, chat masala which looks nice and add taste of it.


Here we would like to mention that the preparation of Tamarind chatni-
we have to take raw tamarind in a bowl add enough worm water then mix it with fingers, then separate pulp juice and fiber by using stainer the add salt , sugar and red cfgchili powder.
After that for to concentrate we have hit it as required

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Looks tasty, yummy.

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