New home renovations (with GIF)

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Front view drawing working process, Image source @kharrazi

Hello community, how are you? A few days ago I was asked to help a colleague of my office, he wanted to renovate, expand the condition of his new home, and add some rooms that previously only had two bedrooms.

He just bought the house because of its strategic location, close to education and health facilities. because the reason the house is too narrow and not in accordance with his wishes it should be renovated.

So what is he needed?

  1. Additional master bedroom + private bathroom
  2. Additional bathroom
  3. Additional kitchen space and dining room
  4. The shape of the roof should be shield type
  5. Mideterania facade

FYI, an existing house does not have a bathroom that is integrated with the main building.

An existing floor plan sketch, Image source @kharrazi smartphone

floor plan and front view sketch with a meter scala, Image source @kharrazi smartphone

After I get the existing data, my next job is to redraw using the AutoCad 2D application and start designing according to the needs of the homeowner.

Start redrawing an existing floor plan and view side, Image source @kharrazi smartphone

After consulting with homeowners and completing house design, the next step is to present results of design with various analyzes needed, such as analysis of space requirements and so forth.

Final drawing process that I did, Image source @kharrazi smartphone

As a building consultant, I also told homeowners that looking like this design would certainly cost a little more than the previous simple design, "but this is an art that has a higher value than others, and I enjoy it" he said.

Final drawing of a renovated house with a Mediterranean building theme, please enjoy it.

Final floor plan, Image source @kharrazi

Front view, Image source @kharrazi

Right view , Image source @kharrazi

Left view, Image source @kharrazi

A new type of door frame, window frame and ventilation , Image source @kharrazi

Hopefully, the homeowners feel at home in their new house and I hope this new design house can increase the value of investment assets and my last hope is hopefully this new home design can become a palace and a haven for his family.

Regards @kharrazi

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