Amazing Metal Art Work

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This beautiful peacock is made of metal. Imagine the craftsman's hard work how did he shape the metal into a peacock? How did he make this by combining many little pieces of metal. Then he decorated it with beautiful and multi color sticker pieces with some base color. Now this peacock is in America showcasing somewhere showing the Pakistani craftsman's skill.



As I am writing a book on Pakistani Truck Art. For this purpose I have met many truck art workers and have got some knowledge about their work. During this search I met this amazing metal art worker who makes these beautiful metal peacocks on order.



Mainly metal artists work on a large sheet of metal and decorate it with different colorful pictures. Then this large metal sheet is installed on trucks. So he mainly crafts the finished product in one large metal piece. Creating Eagle or Fish on metal with some little tools is a hell of a job.




This artist also prepares some religious metal symbols. They are very large and have very detailed work on it. Mostly such metal work is done on order and also takes a long time to prepare. As on these pieces they have done very detailed work.





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Gracias por compartir estas hermosas imagenes son realmente inspiradoras, aquí en México también hay muy buenas artesanías, tan pronto acabe la contigencia trataré de compartir algo de lo nuestro. Saludos desde México.

Gracias - Sure waiting for Your Post ...

This is a lot of work to do by hand. The final result is worth it. Loved the hand piece of art.

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