# How my mum prepared Nigeria rice due to the high price of rice in Nigeria

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Good day everyone, Hello to all my fellow members on hive, today am going to show you how my mum prepared Nigeria rice due to the high price of rice in Nigeria. A bag of rice is now sold at the rate of # 30000, we dot really know where our country Nigeria is leading us too, because goods are getting higher everyday and then. She decided to make these Nigeria rice 🍚 for the family which is all know as ( local rice)

ways of preparing Nigeria rice

Firstly you will first measure the Quantity of rice you want to parboiled in a very large big bowl after measuring then you soak it with water, you will make sure the water cover it very well , After the water is well covered on the rice then you leave it to soak till the following day


After soaking till the following day, then you wash it out of the water in a big bowl and still wash it again twice so to get the dirty out of it and make it to be more neat



After washing it, you have already place your big pot on the fire add some little water in the pot and pour the rice inside after pouring the rice inside the pot then you covered it to be well cooked.



Cooking of the rice should be about 45 mins to 1 hour after it is well cooked then she pack it out of the pot on fire.



After packing it out make sure you pack them in very big bowl, after then she spared on it on a very clean floor to get dryed.


After the rice is well dryed then she took it to a machine nearby to peel the shell out

My mum was very happy the Nigeria rice came out very good and neat😀

Thanks for visiting my blog


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A bag of rice is now sold at the rate of # 30000

WOAH that is a lot!! I had to type that into a website because I didn't know what the conversion rate was and that's expensive even in the US! How big is the bag of rice for that much? 😲

People are really price gouging everywhere, it's crazy!


The bag of rice is not dat big ooo, infant that is what we are facing in Nigeria, goods are getting higher everyday

I was confused, didn't know it was processing of rice and not actual cooking. LoL. Good to know, I've learnt something today.

Same here... had to read twice....☺️


Yes is the processing of rice not the actual cooking😀😀😀😀

Come let's get to farm jor... Its time to plant rice here 😂😂.

Processing rice is the most difficult task i have ever known of farm work..
I really detest it but rice is what we consume the most.

I need to eat one big plate for energy first 😂


Jollof or fried, which is your favorite?...

Jollof with plantain and salad

Okay, 2HBD won't buy that, but its in your wallet, maybe for rice alone 😊...

I remember promising you a bag buy gloria never made me one for the gift and I felt ever indented.

I just didn't want to gift you the ones on ground.

Aww...thank you Monica. I appreciate. I will add to it to buy my jollof today.

Is the final result the one we can now finally eat on sunday with our chicken?

Yes oooo😅😂😅 with full chicken

Sunday rice geng 😂

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Everything just keeps increasing in price, it is the same here in South-Africa

Really😀 God will help us ooo

Wow, how are we going to survive this inflation, every day I wake up and hope that things will get better.