Lovely silk fabric for my cowl kaftan

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Hello Hiveians

Am pleased to show us the lovely finished look of my cowl kaftan
The draping part between the hip and armhole gives the cowl styline I so much desired fo make.




After cutting the fabric, I had very little of it left for the facing and of course I find my way round it.



Next I stitched the facing to the neckline and top stitched them down.




The side seams was next and I was done within an hour. Maybe not fully done as I would need to glue the facings with heming gum to the bodice, but that's so easy and I won't bore us with it.



With some early morning vibes am happy and found myself smiling for not too much reasons, my cousins hammered that am losing weight, but I believe that its worth it losing weight this way.
Soon in the near future I will be a boss of my own and probably have staffs to help out.

Thanks for checking out blog


Beautiful. And your dress too. Congratulations. A hug for you from Venezuela.

Thank you so much, have a beautiful day 😘😘

Wow, such a gorgeous fabric and style for such a gorgeous woman!
Great work!

Awwnnn... Am blushing
Thank you

No thank you and I so wish that there was some way to get my old sewing machine to you.

It's not actually that old, my mum was sick of mending my clothes, so bought me one for my birthday about 10years ago and I am terrible at sewing- just TERRIBLE, even though I did try many, many times, but all I do is ruin perfectly gorgeous fabric instead....(I'm much better with tools and computers...)

And I would love it to go to a good home and I think that you're home would be very good for it!

OH I just had an idea....
So how is your power source over there?
I ask because I know that you use an old foot pedal Singer sewing machine, so I wonder if you use that because you don't have any mains power or solar or anything...?

Wow, that's very kind of you.. I was very terrible at sewing back then, I spent over a year damaging lovely fabrics but I just wouldn't give up.
I couldn't find a reasonable job around here after college, and I don't want idleness to take up my life.
I just continued sewing and sewing everyday not minding the outcome of my clothes.
Am about to register for a second time at a fashion school to learn more hopefully I will do better than this.


I bought this on 31st December but there is absolutely no power supply go use it, I can't a solar for now 😂 manual foot you see is what am using

Thank you for reaching out, its really kind of you