Making lovely Sleeveless tops

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Hello Hiveians

  • Today we are looking into making sleeveless tops one can beautifully dress in for an outing or on a sunny day when the weather is hot.

  • The easiest of all oufits are these tops and bright colours are preferable as they absorb less heat.

  • All that is needed is a basic bodice as this and once you get this right with your own measurment you are ready to make a top for yourself.







These are designed using net lace fabrics and decorated with just a matching color ankara fabric.
Here just a box of ankara sewn on the net lace made a lovely differnce and the other had a pocket of ankara fabric.



This already has a beautiful fabric design and does not need any more embroidery.

Thanks for viewing my post, knowing what to put on at the right weather time or place can be of great confort.

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It remains pretty hot here in India. But this week it is a bit cold. Good to see your plans for the summer and those designs are great.

Thank you... I wish to visit India some day


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