Upgraded Fish Cleaning Station

in GEMS7 months ago

Time to get to it!

I had a nice little fish cleaning board that I got from a garage sale. Unfortunately, the children stepped on it, and now, it is broken, prompting me to find an upgrade. With my current budget, I was not going to go out and purchase one, so I looked around at my scrap pile of "freesources" and decided to build an upgraded fish cleaning station. See what you think, and please let me know how I did. Enjoy the video.

Upgraded Fish Cleaning Station - Video

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Out of the broken, great things arise.

The Lord provides (you just have to put it together) 🙂

I saw the photo blog on this before I saw this video. I almost asked if you were going to make it where a hose pipe would attach to the sink, but didn't ! Great idea.

Whatever you have going on, no doubt in my mind.... you got this !

You have this @papa-pepper! We all have bad days. Thankfully they don't last long. Pull up the boots straps! Tomorrow is another day!