Quick Greeting Card on Rakshabandhan - My first @3speak video.

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Arrggg ...seriously the school assesment sometimes get boring. I mean it...it is the dumbest thing to happen in school.

So grant me apologize for not being regular on Hive. I have my assessment going on, and it's pretty hard to keep rhythm with the platform. But I just made a quick video greeting card for Rakshabandhan. Also this is my first video upload for @3speak.online.


India is land if festival. Here we have multiple festival for every occassion to celebrate. One such festival is Rakshabandhan which mark the love and bonding of Brother abd Sisters.

This festival is celebrated on the last day of auspicious Savan month. On this festival Sisters tie a talisman or amulet called Rakhi on the wrist of Brother, symbolically protecting them.

As we are nearing the festival and due to ongoing pandemic, many sisters unable to meet the beloved brothers, I have drawn this exquisite and colourful Rakhi greeting card. Hope it can be learned and shared with all brothers.

Now time for study....I will be back up with new video.

PS: Dear @3speak team, if you are wondering about me, here is my short Introduction post link

I sincerely apologize for not mentioning that the work has also shared on YouTube. The YouTube channel is mine and I have all the copyrights and ownerships right.

Thanks for stopping by....@queenart

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Hi @cheetah that is my own youtube channel. Please allow me to share my own video.

Dear @hivewatchers the youtube link is my own and I am the sole owner of all the work. Please forgive me of my mistake.

Dear @patrice please help me clear the issue. I have shared my own YouTube channel video on @3speak and it is not palgarism.

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