Are You Happy or Sad In Lockdown?

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Now you cannot go out like you used to go before. Because of coronavirus, we are in lockdown. You cannot do your daily activity and go out to have some fun.

So are you happy or sad in lockdown?

In this video, I talked about this. You might get bored staying at home. You cannot do many things. That might make you sad. On the other hand, if there was no lockdown, a lot more people would be affected by coronavirus. And his situation would get worse. Due to lockdown, this virus does not spread widely.

We have to be careful to save our lives and our loved ones' lives. So stay at home, stay safe!

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Personally, I am just a little sad being cooped up. For years several friends and I have gone out to lunch on Friday. I have really missed that and can't wait to start again.

I also miss the time going out. When we recover from Convid-19, and this situation changes, we can go out and do what we used to do before. Thank you @rcaine for sharing feelings and thoughts about this.

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