The art of paper folding, how to make Mouse- Step by step

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Hello lovely friends.
We can make excitement with our children easily. We can make fun with children to fulfill spare time. By this way we can make them happy. It is a good time to do during this pandemic. They will feel our presence as parents. We play roles as teachers, brothers and even their friends at same time. So we must provide excitement with just simple things such making paper crafts. In this post I will explain how to make a Mouse from paper step by step.

Use Origami paper

Origami paper make easier for the art of paper folding. But if you have no this papaer don't worry. We can use another kinds of paper such as newspapers, magazines, brochures or other papers but you must make it has square shape.
For this craft I use origami paper too.

Step 1: Make a diagonal fold symmetry line as shown the image bellow


2. Step 2: Make isosceles triangle folds

Fold the right and left corners in the direction of the diagonal symmetry line as shown in the following image.


Do the same thing in the opposite corner so that when opened you will see a trace of a line as shown in the following image


3. Step 3: Make triangular folds in rhombus

Fold right and down towards the diagonal line as shown in the picture



Do the same thing on the left and top so that you see a triangle in the rhombus as in the following picture.



4. Step 4: Stick ears.

Four small triangles to the center so that the sides are coincided with a short diagonal rhombus as shown in the picture


Fold it again in the same direction so that the free side is covered by a large cleft from the rhombus as shown in the picture


Do the same with the opposite direction of the crease so it will look like in the picture


5. Step 5: Make the rat's body

Fold the edge of the rhombus toward the center to make the folds as shown


Turn the paper over and fold it again to the same trace as it looks in the picture


Fold the right and left corners as shown in the following image.



Fold it to length so that it looks like the picture



6. Step 6: Make the tail

Fold the pointed end lengthwise into the center of the crease until it looks like the picture. Make up.



Fold the pointed end of the adjacent part of the body into the folds.


To make it look more like a rat's tail, fold the right and left hemispheres to the center and trim them.


7. Step 7: Tidy the ears

Fold the mouse ears back then open the hole as shown in the picture.


Do the other ear so it looks like the picture.


8. Step 8: Make eyes and mouth

Draw mouse eyes and mouth with a pen.


Now the paper rat is ready.
Here are the mouse variations that I made



Thus all my writing this timemay useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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This is so creative! What a lovely way to engage with kids and having them use their imagination!

Thank you so much. Glad to know it useful


buena estrategia para enseñar las figuras geomètricas a niños y niñas....