Hive Inspired Gold Rims + Tire w/ Hive grooves - Autocad 3D-Modelling

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Screenshot 208.png

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Hello Hivers!

Yesterday, when I am about to post my Hive inspired rim design, an idea of adding a tire onto it suddenly pops in my mind. But the thing is, I don't have much time to do so. That's why today I'm making the tire design with hive logo as its groove.

I'm loving the idea of putting Hive logo to my designs just to make it more exclusive to hive.

This design is simple so let's head over to the process.


Use the rim's top view as your guide in creating the top view of the tire. Define its thickness by offsetting the lines. Don't forget to join those lines together/
Screenshot 200.png

Apply revolve tool to the figure and choose that vertical line as the axis of rotation.
Screenshot 201.png

You'll have your tire body made as shown below.
Screenshot 202.png

Next is to create the grooves of the tire. Be creative and imaginative. I used hive logo and added extra figures beside it to achieve a compressed typed of grooves but with observable canal lines.
Screenshot 203.png

Now, adjust the position of the groove by rotating it. Make sure the groove is parallel to the surface of the tire. Then apply extrusion. Grooves are not that thick except on tire trucks or monster trucks.
Screenshot 204.png

Then apply array to the grooves to distribute them around the tire.
Screenshot 205.png

Position the grooves in a proper manner just like the real ones.
Screenshot 206.png

You'll have the completed figure shown below. And now you can place it on the rim.
Screenshot 207.png

There you have it, your Hive inspired Rim and Tire design.
Screenshot 208.png

Free GIF!


gif from gfycat

Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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When you tesselate it like that it definitely looks like it would be a good grip pattern XD though perehaps a bit narrow given the tyre? Still cool XD

Yeah I guess for a given medium size tire, it's a bit narrow. 😅