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Hello Hivers ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž,

There are some things you need to do most especially when you are into some kind of tree crop planting in agriculture more so some rules must be met which is why I like to talk and expanciate more about this particular why you need to stake your fluted pumpkin plant. There are some crops which when you plant them does not required staking at all while some other crops such as vegetables need to be guided and and put through so as not to grow astray. Such Vegetables are Fluted Pumpkin Vegetable, also called Uwgu here in Nigeria, Cool Appetizer to the stomach vegetable among others. This kind of vegetables need more attention and kind of vegetable plants so as for you the owner to get more seeds for the next planting season.

So staking is one important step that must be taken as soon as you plant your fluted pumpkin or before you even plant your fluted pumpkin vegetable. so in this case I went to my in-laws house and I was kind of fun to help them do the staking. which I would love to analyse some few process I took before and after I finish the staking of the fluted Pumpkin vegetable.

Before The Staking Of The Fluted Pumpkin Vegetable






at this point I needed to focus on this particular fluted pumpkin seed which has been up and growing faster for the past 3 weeks ago. So I needed to be very very smart in handling this side of the fluted pumpkin because any kind of mistake will result in withered pumpkin seed with in few days.




During The Staking Process



After i source for the tree branches around the neighborhood, I had to looked for those ones with extra branches to hold those fluted pumpkin leaves so well and also 2 look for ropes that I will use to tie it up faintly as shown below.



Before anything was done I dug a hole in three places which i used as the main source of the tree legs support. After I made the holes I had to insert for the more thicker ones first inside the hole then with much branches. I covered it with soil I'm stones to make it more firm. Then thereafter I furthered by using my hand to separate the leaves from each other gently by hand and made them laid on the new tree branches as shown.











So this is the main aim of making this staking a possible one. If care is not taken and the staking was not made earlier the fluted pumpkin vegetable will outgrow out of hand.

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I always find your posts fascinating. Thanks for such a detailed visual depiction of what you were doing, it makes you feel like you are almost there!